[VIDEO] Oregon Cop Assaults Man for Recording

An Oregon State Trooper assaulted a man Saturday for recording his vehicle.  The trooper was identified as Jeff Smith on social media by other residents who recognized the belligerent uniformed thug.  The incident occurred when Smith approached Scott’s home and asked about a car parked in his driveway.

“…he showed up at my door wanting info and owner on a car parked in front of my house and when I tried getting his name and badge he refused so I went to get his plate number.”

Scott told the trooper the owner of the vehicle wasn’t home and asked for the officer’s name and badge number. Smith refused, and that’s when Scott began recording. 

In the video, Smith grabs Scott’s phone after telling him that he’s interfering with an investigation.  Scott says the trooper threw his phone, and threw him to the ground. 

“He physically took and threw my phone at the same time as he threw me to the ground.”

A neighbor corroborated Scott’s story:  “There is 3 eye witnesses to him punching you and throwing you on the ground. He was in the wrong.”

Apparently, trooper Smith is well known in the community for being an asshole.  Here are some of the Facebook comments about trooper Smith:

Benjamin Hodges: Yep that’s Jeff smith I’ve reported him numerous times. Don’t even bother calling our local one call straight to salem.

Nick Reynolds: Yes! Smith needs to be in jail!

Benjamin Hodges: Seriously something needs to be done about this guy

Dylan Lesher Hope: I see that cocksucker same guy my dad had to tell off because he was harassing him for having a pacemaker and not wearing a seatbelt. When you’re 78 years old and have a machine running your heart you don’t have to wear a fucking Seat belt I’m so tired of this fucking cock sucker

Nick Reynolds: I will testify against officer Smith if you go to court to have him charged bro! He has a LONG history on the coast of assaulting people and going beyond his power! Please don’t let this go! Report him to Salem and file assault charges now!

Cody Mcallister: Last time I was in court with him he had another guy in there he tried getting him for messing with traffic stop cuz guy honked once and waved at him cuz some older stuff like hey no hard feeling well him wrote his ticket chased guy down gave him ticket for it when we in court judge dropped it pretty much laughed at smith.



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