Unlawful charges

A few years ago I had nolled charges in Ohio, on a trip I was pulled over for speeding, the state trooper seen the charges were nolled and gave me a warning and set me on my way. In Arkansas I was pulled over for speeding and received a warning ticket, after the ticket was wrote the Police Officer said he smelled alcohol on me and made me complete a sobriety test which I passed with no problems. Then the Police Officer asked about medications I was on which I answered honestly. He asked to see them and since they weren’t in the right container I was arrested right on the spot. They searched my car and found a loaded firearm which I was allowed to have because I was on a journey. I was charged with a felon with a gun, a class Y felon and having schedule 1 and 11 drugs. My schedule 1 drugs was in the right container and I did not posess schedule 11 drugs. Four months later all charges were dropped. This arrest cost me $6,000.00 and ruined my trip because these Police Officers did not know what they were doing.

– Anonymous

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