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Last night, CopBlock Radio spoke with Adam Rupeka, a CopBlocker who was arrested and pepper sprayed for flipping a cop the bird. Police beat him to gain Adam’s compliance, but he heroically remained calm and peaceful. He sets a good example by recording the interaction with multiple devices, live-streaming, following the golden rule, calmly asserting himself, and refusing to submit to arbitrary demands by badged individuals. Eventually Adam’s charges of “disorderly conduct” and “obstructing government administration” were thrown out, and instead he was awarded a settlement outside of court.

In this episode, Derrick J and DEO share the week’s craziest arrests and police brutality videos. Pete Eyre posted a short video offering 5 tips for protecting your kids from police violence. Half of Americans hate their police departments. A cop caught punching a pregnant veteran on video is cleared of wrongdoing. An armed off-duty cop was refused service at Chuck-E-Cheese. A crazy cop threatens to arrest a teenager for smiling. Finally, half a dozen members of the LAPD arrest a 16 year old kid for riding his bike without a helmet.

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Even if people should have the right to flip off cops, is it best to refrain? Where are the good cops anyway? Should people be allowed to bring their guns into Chuck-E-Cheese? These questions answered, your calls heard, and your comments read on this episode of CopBlock Radio. Please subscribe to the show on YouTube, SoundCloud, or iTunes, or on your favorite podcast listening app. You can support the show by purchasing gear at and you can support Derrick J for hosting the show at his website.

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