Controlled Burn – “Cop Culture” feat Scriptz (MUSIC VIDEO)

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In the video, by Controlled Burn, the topic of cop culture is the point of focus. Touching on the double standards, corruption and even cases of brutality by name – like Sandra Bland or Eric Garner – the song calls out the aggressive nature of police.

Cop culture is something that is commonly brought up here at with several of the contributors here having touched on it in the past. We’ll probably continue to talk about it so long as the police continue to have a ‘we’re better than you’ mentality. (Again, there’s a simple solution to this – quit your jobs and get paid like that rest of us do; voluntarily by offering a good or service)

But I digress so here are a few post about police culture featured here at

Bill Buppert’s “Growing Culture of Cops“:

I am convinced that the police not only harbor serial killers but much like the regimes in China and the USSR they encourage a culture of barbarism that celebrates the maiming and killing of innocents.

Joshua Hotckin’s “Poll Hints at Cop Mentality/Culture“:

Their mentality and culture appear to be completely out of touch with the consensual reality subscribed to by those who employ them for service and protection. This imbalance itself shows the destructive nature of assigning and conferring extras rights, powers and privileges on police.

And another of Joshua’s “What Zombie Apocalypse Culture Reveals about the Police State“:

In the real world the threat is not death or the dead, but those who refuse to face that eventuality, and will do anything to prolong it. Forget about zombies, cops are already inhuman monsters.

It’s safe to say that I’m a fan of this song, In fact, I’m in full support of artistic culture combating the violent police culture. The more music starts to share the idea the “badges don’t grant extra rights” the closer we are to achieving that goal. There has been a wave of music that touches on the sensitive police topics from Rebel Inc to Rob Hustle… music is listening and reflecting to the times. Just as N.W.A did when “Fuck the Police” was penned.

Below are a few additional police related videos you won’t hear on the Radio or see on MTV (because they don’t play music). Feel free to submit yours via this link.

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