Take Your Hands Out of Your Pockets!

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In modern day police state cops have an elaborate and sometimes tenuous relationship with pockets.  They love wearing their battle dress uniforms complete with multiple vests full of pockets. They fill these pockets with dozens of gadgets they can use to torture or kill people instead of talking or reasoning with them, or even just leaving them alone.  Some cops consider the virtue of another officer by his “tactic-cool” gear. Just as a dog would sniff the rear end of another dog to determine it’s social status, cops will often look at the pockets of fellow enforcers and award cool-ness points to those with many.

When it comes to normal people, pockets are a handy aspect of our jeans we use to hold keys, and sometimes place our hands in while chatting with the neighbor over a fence.  On any given day you can go to the local shopping center and see dozens of people with at least one hand in a pocket. I looked through several lengthy “body language” articles to see if I could find any information justifying the fear cops have of pockets. There must at least be some fashion photographer who takes pictures of men in formal wear all day, with their hands in their pockets, who’s living a life petrified by fear. I found nothing.

What I did find is that police are constantly told to fear pockets. Hands placed in pockets is drilled into to police brains as being an act of aggression. One little pocket dig will certainly get you barked at, as seen in the videos cited.  A second plunge to make sure your cell phone is still in there can have life altering consequences.

In reality the pocket frenzy police often go into is nothing more than a power trip. Their control of you must be absolute. If not pockets then “unfold your arms” or “look me in the eye” or “don’t look me in the eye.” Perhaps we could put our hands in the air during all encounters with cops as requested by cops in Topeka, KS. But that didn’t work out too well for this gentleman.  Prayer may be an option, but then there’s those “clenched fists.”

Another pocket violation video –2 minutes

-And a 16 minute pocket protection classic from Gavin Seim

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