Lehigh Valley CopBlock DUI Checkpoint Refusal

This video was submitted by Severin Freeman, the founder of Lehigh Valley CopBlock, via the CopBlock.org submissions page after it was uploaded to their YouTube Channel. It shows his interaction with an officer (and later his supervisor) during a DUI checkpoint in Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania. The officer, who refused to identify himself even though he is required to, approaches and demands his driver’s license. Severin asks him to state what law he suspects him of having committed in order to establish probable cause for a legal detention. They go back and forth for several minutes, with the officer complaining that Severin is “one of those Sovereign Citizens.”

Soon, Officer Johnathon Roth, the Checkpoint Supervisor, approaches. The unnamed officer tells him that Severin has refused to provide a driver’s license and that he is a “Sovereign Citizen.” Officer Ross states, “he doesn’t appear to be impaired and he’s wearing his seatbelt, let him go.” Soon after, while Severin is still trying to ascertain the original officer’s name and badge number, Officer Ross actually begins demanding that he leave the checkpoint, threatening to declare that he has “abandoned his vehicle” and have it towed. At that point, Severin drives through the checkpoint.

LehighValleyCBLogoEditor’s note: While this was effective in this instance, results may vary in your own state/city. You should always make sure you are aware of local laws. For instance, legally in Nevada you are required to show a driver’s license when you are driving a vehicle without probable cause for a crime. You may disagree with such a requirement and decide you want to fight that law, but you should be aware of the risks involved in doing so, in order to make a conscious decision about accepting such risk. It’s also, obviously, very important that you always film the police during any encounter, because regardless of whether you are in the right, it’s their word against yours without that video.

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