Honolulu Police To Piss Away $575K With “Anti-Gun Stupidity”

In one of the most ridiculous examples of hubris and waist by a local government in recent memory, the Honolulu police department will be destroying $575,000 worth of handguns paid for by taxpayers because they “don’t want the weapons on the street.”

Derided as the “height of anti-gun stupidity” by Second Amendment supporters, the department will be demolishing around 2,300 Smith & Wesson 9 mm handguns, including at least 200 that are brand-new and still in the box.

The decision came earlier this month after the 2,200-member department decided to upgrade to Glock 17s because the firearms are “lighter and less expensive.” – Apparently police officials don’t understand that if they want to save money they need to not spend it when they have 2,300 perfectly good weapons available.

Or they could do the sensible thing and actually sell the firearms to recoup some of the hard earned tax-dollars used to pay for their new toys or their old ones respectively.

Traditionally, that’s what police departments do when they upgrade firearms – auction them off to the law-abiding public – but in the midst of the anti-gun hysteria following recent high-profile shootings coupled with rising anti-police sentiment, Honolulu cops are sending the message that if they aren’t using the weapons, no one can.

“Mayor Kirk Caldwell and the Honolulu Police Department agreed that they would not allow the guns to be sold to the general public and end up on the streets of Honolulu,” Honolulu Police spokeswoman Michelle Yu said Monday. “The same goes for selling the individual gun parts that could have been used to assemble a gun.”

Can you imagine? The hubris of these people to think its acceptable to just destroy 2,200 guns that could have netted the city $575,000 – just to keep them out of the hands of the serfs.

“There is no reason why these firearms couldn’t be used by law enforcement or sold to law-abiding citizens,” National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action spokesperson Amy Hunter said. “The proceeds of which could go to much-needed infrastructure, programs, training, etc.”

In a letter to Mayor Caldwell, Hawaii Rifle Association President Harvey Gerwig and Lessons in Firearms Education President Bill Richter wrote:

In these times of lean budgets and continual cost cutting to needed city services, to throw away a half a million dollars seems senseless. The reason your office and HPD gave for not selling to the public seemed to be a slight on those legal gun owners who would have purchased them and who supported you during your election. You should be ashamed for suggesting that the good citizens of Hawaii cannot be trusted with buying HPD’s surplus guns for fear of them falling into criminal hands when record numbers of firearms have been bought by those same citizens for the last ten years without any such problems.

Over the last couple of decades, legal gun-ownership in Hawaii has skyrocketed resulting in one of the lowest gun death rates in the nation.

According to the state Attorney General’s Office, 420,409 firearms were registered in Hawaii from 2000 to 2014. Adding that to the already one million legal firearms in the state – and with a population of 1.4 million people – statistically, there exists one legal gun for every man, woman and child in the state.

This means police rationalizations for the destruction are ludicrous.

Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb called destroying the firearms “the height of anti-gun stupidity [that] will not stop one criminal from getting a weapon.”

“These guns in the hands of lawful civilians could provide an important means of self-defense, especially for low income people who can’t afford them,” Gottlieb said. “Or the sale of them could help pay for much needed law enforcement equipment to help keep the public safe.”


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  • Shawn

    “The decision came earlier this month after the 2,200-member department decided to upgrade to Glock 17s because the firearms are “lighter and less expensive.” – Apparently police officials don’t understand that if they want to save money they need to not spend it when they have 2,300 perfectly good weapons available.”

    This is their idea of saving money. That entire amount should come out of their budget. Obviously they have too much funds. They’ve got new guns, but need new guns.

    And follow that up with an attitude of distrust for the citizenry. In their mind, no one else can possibly handle a gun.
    But they ignore how much they screw up themselves.

  • JC

    The PD is switching over to new guns. How do you expect them to get rid of the old guns? They can’t sell them because they are not licensed firearm dealers. Also the replacement of the gun is because they don’t make them anymore.


    Starting in 2014, the Honolulu Police department will start to implement a 3 year plan to replace their older Smith & Wesson Model 5906 (which are no longer in production) with the Glock 17

  • Shawn

    And what is wrong with the guns they’ve got? They wanted new toys. And I’m quite certain they could manage to sell the guns, even if through a licensed dealer.

    And who cares if the gun is in production? Did the ones they have suddenly stop working? Everyone else has to learn how to manage money better, except for government and its agencies. They toss money around like it was nothing, then complain there isn’t enough to pay the bills.

  • Member548

    Lets be perfectly blunt here… If even 1 in 10,000 police officers were marksmen capable of exceeding the capabilities of the Model 5906 I’d be very shocked.

    So why the new pistols? Over time, as the weapons do wear to the point they no longer function or their accuracy isn’t vastly better in a vice when compared to the typical shooter, then they need to be retired. Replacement parts are still available, and guns can be continually stripped and recombined to make a good shooter out of worn ones in some cases. I’d be very surprised if a single pistol they are retiring is actually worn out and it’s very likely these pistols still shoot better than anyone on their force.

    I have bought several retired LEO pistols over the years, and every one of them still functioned and shot great. The military often makes due with more worn out weapons than what many police agencies are retiring.

    They just want something more tacticool is all.

    Also destroying that much of tax payer’s property is just ridiculous.

  • Chris Rickard

    I have to ask, JC, are you on payroll to comment on every single f****** article on this web page? Or do you just have no life?

  • DeekS

    lol – cops USUALLY action of their weapons or donate them to another dept when they get new ones, You dont have to be a licensed firearm dealer to auction off guns idiot… This proves you really arent a cop but just fancy yourself one on the internet to make you feel big LMAO….. sad….

  • Rob Meier

    So the lead photo has nothing to do with the story?

  • typical

    I am very confused. Honolulu PD didn’t own these guns,; the taxpayers did and they should have been the one’s to decide how their property was disposed of. Typical PD hubris.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Burning them isn’t really effective. A crusher and smelting would have been better.

  • Targets

    The average police pistol rarely sees more than 500 rounds go through it. Cops never target train and rarely if evef reach the suggested number of rounds where the barrel or other parts should be replaced.

  • Targets

    You are correct it was all about getting new toys. Why do cops in Honolulu all need guns anyway? Ridiculous.

  • JC

    Did you read my post? The guns they currently have are not being made anymore. So there is no way to get parts when needed. What cop is going to go out with a substandard weapon you cant’ get parts for.

  • JC

    Another fucked up streetsheep copblocker. You can’t by these weapons in an auction. If you did buy one that way, you still have to wait 7 days to get it. Yes, you have to be licensed to auction off guns. No wonder you are the fucking stupidest moron. It’s not like going to buy a car at a police auction. Weapons are not auctioned off fuck stick.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    He’s on their payroll. He gets really upset if I say things that make copblock look bad.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    You’ve got to be fucking complete moron if you don’t think there are parts for these guns out there. Do you have some fucking delusion that when a company goes out of business that another company doesn’t continue to make parts for those pieces? Your stupidity never ceases to shock me.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    He is paid by cop block

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    “Weapons Sale is held at Kentucky State Police, Supply Branch, 94 Airport Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601. Unless other notice is given, Inspections will start at 8:00AM with the sale beginning at 9:00AM.”

    How is uncle dad and aunt Mom doing? Jesus Christ you’re a moron.

  • DeekS

    LMAOAOAOAOAOAOAO – idiot yes THE AUCTIONEERS have to be licensed retard…. that has nothing to do with the cops. You can take all the guns you want to the auctioneers and have them sell them….. LMAoAOAOAOAOAOA Depts do this shit all the time LOL

  • t

    While I was surprised when I read this elsewhere…I personally can understand the Chiefs decision.
    I think that the police…as part of what we are sworn to,do…shouldn’t be putting any firearms back out on the street.
    There are plenty of other guns for folks to buy…they don’t need this ones.

    I’ve been offered to buy my old guns several times and never did. But someone did. So my old guns are out there somewhere…in someone’s hands. I hope they are never used for anything bad. ,

  • t

    It does come out of their budget doofus

  • A. Ryan

    Considering that Hawaii has some of the strictest gun laws in all of the states, this doesn’t surprise me.

  • Copblock shills

    T works for copblock too. He isn’t a cop. He is someone who posts supposed police nonsense to encourage responses and increase site clicks.

  • Idiot

    as part of what we are sworn to,do…<<<<<<

    Ha but you always claim to be pro second amendment. Part of what cops, which you are not one, do IS NOT DETERMINE who has second amendment rights and who doesn't. So it is not a chief's concern nor duty to do anything with any of the goods he received from tax payer funds. PERIOD.

  • Shawn

    No, if they waist that much money, it should then be removed as clearly unnecessary before buying those guns. You fuckers are so wasteful of our money, you clearly have far more than enough that you can afford further cuts. Give cops budget cuts until how they spend the money actually matters to them.

    Why toss perfectly fine guns, brand new, to by a different one? If you can’t understand the wanton waste, you’re the ‘doofus’.

  • Shawn

    Bull. The guns still work, many still fresh in the box. Few guns need replacement parts, and parts are still available. I’ve had guns for years, without needing new parts. It isn’t a damned Chevy. Damn, you’re being dishonest today. This was about new tacticool guns.

  • Shawn

    You are not sworn to decide if the public should have weapons. That is typical pig arrogance. What you really mean is you don’t trust your fellow citizens with a gun. Again, you are clearly not motivated to be a cop out of any sense of service. You are motivated by control.
    What’s the fucking difference between a gun bought elsewhere, and obtained second hand from the cops stockpile, other than the taxpayers recoup some of their losses. Hell, you’re now in a position to sell a gun and make sure the transaction is legitimate.

    Cut the budgets until cops find a little discretion with spending.

  • Shawn

    T always exposes his arrogance. He can’t possibly see his fellow citizens as the lest bit competent to run their own lives. He is the stereotypical cop.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Yep, I suppose you would get in trouble employing somebody to say the things I say. But you would not get in trouble acting like a stupid cop. I’m not sure what the laws are concerning identity on the Internet, whether or not saying you’re a cop is illegal or not. I don’t mind them acting as paid shills, I just wish they were a little smarter.

  • JCloveslittleboysbutts

    I thought your bedroom name was fuck stick JC?

  • Shawn D.

    The PD does not have to be a licensed firearm dealer to sell them — they can sell them *to* a licensed dealer or *through* a licensed dealer.

  • Shawn D.

    That’s a serious misunderstanding of the ability to repair or maintain a firearm. We’re not talking about some electronic device like a cell phone or computer which is designed to not be repaired and is obsolete after a few months when the next best toy comes out. Common high-production firearms such as these have plenty of repair parts available for wear items (springs, extractors, magazines, etc.), and said items don’t immediately vanish when a firearm goes out of production. Many of the items are also shared with other firearms, increasing their availability. Many parts are made by the aftermarket as well — it doesn’t have to be the OE producer.

  • you know what really grinds my

    so they can play hawaii 50?

  • t

    Again tou come with lies and nonsense

    I have written multiple times that I want a responsibly armed public. Unfortunately…more and more often we are seeing irresponsibly armed citizens.
    Nowhere in my comment did I write anything other than that. In fact…I clearly write that there are plenty of guns out there to buy.

    As for what I’m sworn to do….you missed yet again.
    Protect Lives and Property.
    Think it through goofball

  • Common Sense

    And if they were sold, eventually one would be used in a shooting, justified or not, accidental or not, and it would all over the news. The family of someone shot, would sue the police for the sale. If you think they wouldn’t look at the settlements from various gun manufacturers who pay out to keep their name(s) out of publicized shootings.

    If the public wants to buy a gun, I’m sure Hawaii has plenty of gun shops.

    Here’s a how to sue:

  • Common Sense

    Shawn, its not that Hawaii is banning S&W 9mm’s, residents can buy them all day long, just not one’s from the Police Department.

  • t

    Nothing I wrote…or what this Chief did has ANYTHING to do with the second amendment.

    He didn’t want to be responsible for putting more guns on the street. And I agree that we (the police) have no business put more weapons on the street.

    But that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s 2nd amendment rights.

  • t

    Why is that so hard for these goofs to understand.

    And there are lots of stories about guns that some PD used, or auctioned from evidence being used in crimes (I investigated 1 myself a few years ago…it had been stolen from a home and then used in a crime) and the news then wants to blame the PD for putting that gun back on the street.

  • Point is

    What you are missing is the police didn’t own the guns they destroyed and their reasoning for destroying them was to keep them from the very people who legally owned them. They were public assets. It doesn’t matter if there are a million more for sell at Wal-Mart it still doesn’t make destroying 10 legal or sensible just to keep them from the public. Not when the public owned them and could have benefited from tax relief from the sale of them.

  • Shawn

    Common, they are wasting money and insulting their citizens at the same time. Watch them cry next about not having enough money.

  • Shawn

    T, we’ve seen how irresponsible cops are with guns, like the recent article of shooting an innocent homeowner and a cop.

    T, most anti gun people say exactly that. It’s just they define responsible as onerous as possible.

    You’ve made your opinion of the citizenry very clear, with your typical assumption cops have all the answers.

    Now these anti gun cops just wasted 500,000, because they don’t think the citizenry should be armed.
    An additional 500,000 should come out of their budget to teach them not to waste other people’s money. Next they’ll cry about funds after tossing perfectly good guns to buy new toys.

  • Shawn

    Bull, your reaching for an excuse.

  • Common Sense

    Their operating budget for 2014 is about 223 million. I think they are set on funds for a bit.

  • Common Sense

    But there’s a difference between an auction for office furniture vs pistols. And its not that I don’t see you point, but I see their reasoning.

    It comes down to liability and even negative PR. With another 2500 pistols sold, the sheer probability that eventually, one will go off when its not supposed to is too high. The Legal Dept said “fuck it,” destroy them vs some payout when a toddler peels back his dome.

    If you think it can’t happen, just look at the settlement for gun manufactures. Taurus just settled on suit for 39 million for a bad triggers. Kahr Arms, Colt, Smith and Wessen and Remington all have faced lawsuits. It doesnt’ matter if they were right or wrong, attorneys still get paid. Sellers who have sold firearms that were used in crimes have also been sued.

    Sorry, they are going to error on the side of caution vs money. Maybe its not the right play, but its the safe play.

  • Shawn

    Wasting 500k in one pop, over their poor view of guns? 200m go a quicker than you think. Don’t forget that money was aimed at normal operation costs. And it wasn’t their money to as away.

  • t

    Wow. Ignorance is thy name.

    The pd/city budgeted for the purchase of the new guns. Any monies made from the sale of the old would have gone back in the “general fund” of the city (generally that’s how it works anyway) or possibly a reduced price on a trade in of the old for new…but lots of places that carry/deal in police order don’t mix across S&W and Glocks…so trade in may not have been an option.

    I get that it’s a lot of money.
    I get that you want that many more guns on the street.
    But I also get that the Chief doesn’t want to be responsible for putting that many more guns back onto the street in a gun crazed culture that has been turning more and more often to violence.

  • t

    Well then…the citizen can speak at the ballot box.

    Someone commented that Hawaii has really strict gun laws. I don’t know
    But if they do…the citizens who voted for the legislators who pass (or don’t repeal) those strict laws….will very likely support the Chief and the cities decision
    If not…they can vote out the counsel that hires/employs the Chief and support a canaidate that wants to replace the Chief.

    That’s how our Republic works.

    And that’s exactly what you should want. Local city, county and state governments being allowed to control the laws for their citizens. You guys (like you and YF) seem to want and think that Federal involvement is a good thing. I don’t. And neither did the FF’s. They want the Feds to be strong on a few areas and leave the rest up to locals….who better reflect the citizens

    As example:
    Seattle and some other cities have openly embraced and accepted drug use and the drug culture. They have accepted all of the expenses and ills that society has to bare because of that acceptance. I live in a bright red state. And nobody here wants that crap here.

    Ha await is a small state. I doubt that the state legislators who passed the “strict gun laws” are all that out of touch with their citizens.

    Local control is what you should want. But you reject it’s at every turn if it’s not exactly what you want.

  • Shawn

    “But there’s a difference between an auction for office furniture vs pistols. And its not that I don’t see you point, but I see their reasoning.”

    Then use up the guns they have. Don’t throw out good and new guns because everyone thinks a Glock is cool.

  • Shawn

    “The pd/city budgeted for the purchase of the new guns.”

    They already had guns, including new ones. You just boasted being from a red state. Is wasting money like that a red state value?
    Every time we turn around, government wants moreto fees, more taxes, and this is they do with it.
    I don’t care so much about getting their gun. I can get one. And if I bought from a cop, I know he kept a record of it.
    I care about the arrogant distrustful attitude and waste of money.

    “But I also get that the Chief doesn’t want to be responsible for putting that many more guns back onto the street in a gun crazed culture that has been turning more and more often to violence.”

    You just described cops, not the citizenry.

  • robble

    No. Often does not. Just a pic of something related in some way.

  • y

    Geez…you are dense.
    “They already had guns”

    Which part of it being a local thing don’t you get?
    In 20 years I’ve gone through that process 5 times. Each time….the old weapons were traded in…and offered for resale first tot the officers they had been assigned to first. I’ve never bought one.

    But that’s where I work.

    I don’t work in Honolulu.
    Nor do I live in Hawaii.
    But if the legislators there are answering the call,of their constituents to pass strict gun control laws [ and there’s no reason to believe they aren’t ] then this is likely a very popular move by the PD and the city. 500,000’grand is a lot…but it’s nothing in comparison to the cost in defending a lawsuit should one of those guns be used in a crime or even in a “legal” shooting.

    Where I work we have to auction off any guns seized as evidence or for whatever reason. I personally think it’s a horrible idea. Once guns are taken off the street…they should never go back out there. There are plenty of guns to buy.
    The stat was just posted here slew here…maybe even on this article about the number of guns in the U.S. 88.8 per 100 I think was the number. Of course….that is a hugely misleading stat in that nowhere near that many pele own a firearm. By a quick though count…I would account form 1/4 of the guns in my 100 people. And I know guys that make up the totals for several hundreds of those people….just in their ownership alone.

    But none of that matters. It is a local,thing…unless you live there…STFU because it doesn’t concern you. M

  • Shawn

    “Which part of it being a local thing don’t you get?”

    I think you forget how much departments get in fed grant money. Money they wouldn’t need or as easily get if they handled their money responsibly. It isn’t just Hawaiians paying. and it is the systemic attitude about spending ALL of them have.

    But I guess you thing government waste is just fine? Just tax the peasants a little more. Ask for another Fed handout, and let everyone pay for stupidity.

  • Shawn

    “But none of that matters. It is a local,thing…unless you live there…STFU because it doesn’t concern you. M”

    Oh, I’ll decide what concerns me, fuckhead.

  • t

    Wow…you’re gonna hurt yourself with that kinda stretch.

    But ok…I’ll spank you there too
    The Feds. Ummmm…who would YOU say/think is more “pro gun”?
    Would TOU think that maybe some of the north eastern states are more “anti gun” ? How about some of the states along the west coast?
    Do you think it’s ok for the residents there to feel that way?
    Is it not ok for
    Others to not want their street and neighborhoods clogged with guns?
    Why do you think that YOU should be able to impose your will on them?