Texas Teacher Arrested for Declining to Sit at the DMV

I went with my girlfriend to the DMV to renew our driver’s licenses. We got to the office, waited in line, picked up the renewal forms and filled them out. While we were waiting to go back in a lady came into the office, I offered and gave her my seat. At that point a worker from the DMV who had been outside at her car came into the office where we were, began shouting at me telling me that, “sit down.” She then informed me that the fire marshal would, “shut the place down” if I didn’t sit down. I then asked her to please show me any written guidelines, policies, or procedures that required customers of the DMV to be seated at all times. She then left the office without saying a word.

Less than a minute later another customer went in and I took their seat. I sat there for about five minutes when I was approached by four detectives who forced me outside when I began to video.

I was arrested for criminal trespass on public property. I was told by the first officer in the video after I had been put in the police car that he had talked to all of the other customers in the office and they all agreed that I had done nothing wrong and had not been rude. I then told him that he should uncuff me and let me out of the car because I hadn’t done anything wrong. He referred me to the Captain Rex Evans who walked to the car and told me that, “I made an incredibly stupid decision that would cost me a lot of money.” They took my phone as evidence.

I was then taken to Liberty County Jail. I was then strip searched, put in orange pajamas and stuck in a cell for four hours until I bonded out for $500.

Since the arrest Captain Evans has taken it upon himself to call the school that I teach at to harass them that I had been arrested. Luckily I left the job prior to his phone call. I have also gotten affidavits from four of the witnesses in the office who confirm my story.

Captain Rex Evans is the officer who talks most of the video. He is also the police officer who took a crank call from a psychic about 20-30 dead bodies on a guys farm a few months ago that made national news.


My court date is March 14th. The charges should be dropped. I was able to get my phone back by talking with the Assistant County Attorney who was great. Her name is Karen McNair. I’m looking at a civil suit and pressing felony charges against either Captain Evans for writing a false report or the DMV lady who made the false statement.


Here’s some contact information, if you’re so inclined to reach out to this misguided public officials.


Henry Patterson

Sheriff Henry Patterson

2400 Beaumont Ave.

Liberty, TX 77575

(936) 336-4500




1923 Sam Houston, Suite 202

P.O. Box 9127

Liberty, Texas 77575

Phone: 936-336-4650

Fax : 936-336-4568

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Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of CopBlock.org. As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

  • Hal Herbel

    who the hell do you think you are, you redneck s.o.b.?

  • Jay

    Wow. That is ridiculous. As always cops show up, in intimating thug like numbers, to harass a normal guy, who wasn’t doing anything. They escalate the situation by accusing him of being nervous and shaking and continually tell him to stop interrupting (without heeding their own advice).

    The teacher was doing more public good in that video than the 4 cops combined.

    Lastly, they really should be ashamed of themselves for responding to that call in the first place.

    Just ridiculous.

    I wrote the sheriff and told him as much.

  • spider

    holy shit. I cannot believe the stupidity of law enforcement these days. Its almost as if they hear a complaint and make it their ultimate duty to just arrest somebody without reason, to show they’ve done something about the complaint, when in reality, there was no problem to begin with. I hope that Rex Evans is removed from his job, or has some type of punishment at least. Like, I still don’t understand the logic behind why this teacher was arrested. wtf?

  • Chris Mallory

    I like how a person isn’t supposed to be nervous when surrounded by 4 armed roid addicted thugs.

    I understand, they have to respond to the call. But it should have been one officer who asked a couple questions then left after informing the DMV lady that she was a dumbass.

  • G Leddin

    Obvious violation of the 4th Amendment by the police.

  • Felix

    So just to put it all out there…

    The cops did not arrive to arrest. They arrived to intimidate. When that failed, they arrested. I’m guessing the charge was really, “You’re under arrest for not being sufficiently afraid of my power and authority”

  • RP

    The police officers job is to uphold the law, PERIOD! If there is no law against standing at the DMV, then what is the commotion? The fact is that it is easier to become a cop today than it was to qualify for a home loan in 2003. “Can you fog up a mirror?” “Yes” “Then here is your badge and gun… Go get em!”

  • Thunder Dave

    I can understand the actions of the police officers since I live next door in Louisiana. Our cops in the small towns act very similar to the ones in Liberty Tx. (What an ironic name for a town. They should call it No Liberty Tx or Libertyless Tx). They act like they aare gods and above the law (hence the double standard). The really bad thing is the judges usually back law enforcement when there is no solid evidence agaist the defendant and the defendant can’t prove his case.

  • Chelsea

    I understand that the cops shouldn’t have been called in the first place. However, they were asking him to leave and he just wanted to argue about it and that is why they arrested him. I don’t think it was right for them to ask him to leave without knowing anything further about the situation.

  • Lisa Mallory

    As a school board Trustee in another district in Texas, it’s encouraging to know that teachers have good manners and are willing to offer their seats to other patrons. Chilvary is not dead in Texas, and should not come at a cost. I don’t find his desire to see proof of a rule requiring a patron to be seated to be unreasonable. I’ve never heard of any such rule either! Under the circumstances, I have to say that this guy did a great job keeping his cool. Liberty County is obviously over-funding their police force if they have the resources to send four officers out for an incident as trivial as this. I hope the District Attorney demonstrates good sense and dismisses the trespassing charge.

  • Robert

    I totally admire your courage to stand up for your constitutional rights. Under Bivens you can sue the goons individually in federal court for numerous amendment violations and malicious prosecution. In federal court they stand zero chance of justifying what they did to you. Among the hordes of sheep people in this country, you stand out as a true patriot with guts and I am glad there are a few of you still around.

  • Jet

    Liberty County.. kind of an ironic name, don’t you think? Apparently you don’t have the ‘liberty’ to stand according to your preference..

  • Jim

    Make sure you get a civil rights attorney that handles false arrest.

  • Angry

    You have to understand that police get job satisfaction from harassment. While as a student I get satisfaction in getting good grades, a cop gets satisfaction from writing tickets and making arrests. This “satisfaction” makes it difficult for them to evaluate their own actions, not to mention the culture of obedience and submission the police are trained into having, much like the military.

    No matter what they want to send the message that they’re the top dog. If you defy them in any way, legal or otherwise, prepare to be fucked with. These people are psychopaths and should be taken very seriously when dealt with.

  • J

    Either the cop or the DMV lady? Why not both? Good luck.

  • Common Sense

    What was their name? There’s nothing in the news about this…

  • DWC

    Abusers of power are evil. Sunshine being the best disinfectant, thank you for exposing these evil people for what they are.

  • Lurker

    So the lady at the DMV asks him to set down , he refuses. She tells him its a rule but he doesn’t believe her. The cops show up and tell him to leave multiple times, he dares them to arrest him. The cop even says he doesn’t want to arrest him but he will if the guy doesn’t leave. I don’t see how he was surprised to be arrested, he told the cops to do it. And acted like a jackass the whole time.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    No Common Sense

    Do the cops all have the same name?

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Lurker, who is obviously a cop by his 80 IQ answers

    If there is no such “rule” (and since when are cops “rule enforcement”), she calls the cops, they arrest with zero cause, what are you defending? If she cannot show such a rule, you know, like a clearly posted sign saying as much, then it is likely she called the cops because she didn’t like his attitude.

    And they arrested him for that. Is it any wonder why we hate your kind so fucking much?

    I masterbate to videos of cops getting run over at traffic stops.

  • Carlos

    @Lurker: With all due respect: SCREW YOU, PIG!

    Every time the Cops are called in for any stupid situation that could’ve been handled using BRAINS and…Common Sense [also the nickname used by the badge-LICKER CLOWN who TROLLS here], things escalate OUT-OF-CONTROL and someone is going to end up: [1] TAZED or, [2] HANDCUFFED or, [3] BEATEN or, even worse, [4] SHOT to DEATH.

    Stupid ASSHOLE DMV employee!

    Do NOT get the FUCKING Cops involved on EVERYTHING !!! When people are going to LEARN???

    The link below happened at a school to a 11-years old girl when the fucking principal called the COPS for something she could have handled using her BRAIN [if she got ONE]:


    P.S.: Edited the URL to avoid censorship of the post. If you wanna access it, replace the [DOT] by .


  • Seriously?

    I have seen video after video of officers doing the wrong thing and saying the wrong thing, excessive force, intimidation, etc., etc. It sure appears to me that the officers were being as nice as possible to this fool who insisted on acting an ass and got arrested for it. If you are banned from a business, even a government building, you are banned. If you are criminally trespassed, you are trespassing and breaking the law if you stay. They gave him NUMEROUS opportunities to leave and he didnt. He got what he asked for.

  • Jimmy Cammack

    Thanks for the nice comments. I’m sorry that this happened, but I do not regret the decision that I made. The county officials were out of line and the least I could do was to peacefully dissent to their threats. Given the same choice I would do it over again 100% of the time. The sad part about this entire ordeal is the fact that the people of Liberty County have to pay for it. I have made up my mind. I will not take a plea deal unless the county attorney will dismiss all charges in exchange for a $200 donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer unit.

  • Joe

    Cops like to do nothing but get even. His comment to the teacher about “this is going to cost you a lot of money” is exactly what cops “WANT” to do to you. These pricks could care less, and their goal is to inflict all the harm they can.

    Everybody keep calling this Police Station, and don’t stop. Overload their phones until they can’t take it anymore. Also,….the Teacher needs to set-up a “lets go to DMV day and not one fucking person sit down. EVERYBODY STAND UP !

    Why did this cop call the school he worked at ? I would get a Lawyer just for that, because he had NO FUCKING BUSINESS doing what he did. His sole reason for doing this was to create as much harm to this guy, and the main reason without a doubt was to show him and because he was videotaping him !

  • Inalien

    There could not possibly be such a thing as a valid law against standing at a place that you own and paid for.

    A crime must consist one one agressing against another… so where is the victim? No victim no crime.

    My patience dwindles in my ld age you may find it shocking but I would find great pleasure in tar and feathering nellies like this and upon a second offense hanging them from the closest tree. (After being convicted of course ;-)

  • Carlos


    I believe the one to blame for all this unfortunate incident is the DMV EMPLOYEE. She, maliciously called in the Cops knowingly that when Cops get involved to deal with ANY situation [regardless how insignificant the situation is] they usually ESCALATE things out-of-control and, as I posted before, they Taze, beat, shoot and handcuff.

    Evey time someone calls in the Cops to deal with a situation that could have been solved by using your JUDGEMENT, I curse that person 1000 times.

    Cops are given a lot of authority with little oversight.


  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    Horrible story, cuffing the kid for wanting to get her sweater. The cop who slapped on the cuffs should be beaten to death as a warning to others.

    As for the assistant principal, you have not truly lived until you have made a female bureaucrat cry. The very few times I have had to tangle with one of these mongoliods, it is always my goal to reduce them to tears. I hope I am responsible for some cutting and eating disorders among the female buearucragencia who now realize I know they act that way because they are too unattractive for anyone to love them.

    Too bad the little one traumatized by the big bad assistant principal didn’t have a dad to go crush that bitch’s self worth.

  • Rusty

    I totally agree with the Sheriffs, I would of lock this pussy up too and beat his hick ass in the cells. I can’t believe this guy’s a teacher, he’s acting like a jackass.

  • Lurker

    He was not arrested for “declining to sit” as the title says, he was arrested because he refused to leave. I’d assume he was as obstinate inside the DMV as he was outside, and a place of business can ask anyone to leave for any reason in most states. The clerk wanted him gone so she called the police. He refused to leave and dared the cops to arrest him, so they did. The whole “rule is not law” arguement is stupid, it has nothing to do with this.

  • Chinaboy

    America is now the land of the damned and home of the slaves.

  • Anton Lee

    Lurker, you’re really stretching here. Public property is not a private business, and you don’t have any right to remove me from any property that I, in part, pay for.

    If you government goons want to run your offices like private property, then fucking make it private. Stop pretending that your livelihood isn’t paid for by the hard work of others through theft.

    He had business in a public building. They don’t have a right to stop him from doing his business. Badges don’t grant a right to assault people, kidnap them, or harass them. If the clerk doesn’t like that people are standing where she works, then she can go work somewhere else.

    She can find gainful employment, as opposed to government jobs which are gainful unemployment.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    So cops are annoyance enforcement? You must be so proud of your job.

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  • cobaco


    the DMV isn’t a ‘place of business’ it’s a governement department you are required by law to interact with to get a drivers license

  • Lurker


    it’s a government run business, and if you are causing a disturbance there then employees can have you removed from the premises, just like at any other business.

  • Common Sense

    Of course, no police reports to or anything other then what he claims happened inside. Regardless, one can conclude he acted like a tool and was told to come back when he wasn’t acting like a tool. Cops told him to leave, he dared to arrest him, they arrested him.

    Stupid Teacher…and its in Texas, he should have known better.

  • paschn

    Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back in a quiet room and think. Think of anything you like that relates to the operation and daily functioning of a “Democratic Republic”. Now, think about anything tha relates to a police state for the purpose of enforcing laws that give the upper hand and protection to corporations and their parasites in power, for lack of a better term, we’ll call it a Fascist State. Now, can you honestly say this country is a healthy/thriving country? Are we being rode hard and put away wet by a government that has sold out, not only it’s own people, but it’s nation as a whole. These swine trumpet “patriotism” all day long and they haven’t a patriotic bone in their bodies. Your nation is being brought down right before our eyes for a few milion dollars in the re-election coffers of doughy, pompous traitors.

    Then, watch this clip:


    Consider this, you have been duped into not only allowing your nation to morph into something ugly, you’re PAYING for it and HELPING it along,(cops)!

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    I am set to retire soon. Soldiering is still more honorable than ticket writing and cuffing children, but we are part of the foundation of the idiocy. Libertarianism and desire for maximum liberty and minimum thuggishness are incompatible with the system as it stands.

    If I could go back I would never have sacrificed so much for a country that produces stories like this. Defending the DMV is a sign of the end.

  • Carlos

    @the two Badge_LICKERS:

    Could you two describe in what consisted the teacher “breaking” the law at the DMV that merited the DMV employee to demand him to leave the DMV premises?

    Ok, he did not seat as requested. But, does it merit to ESCALATE that situation to the point of demanding his exit from the DMV office?

    Did the teacher steal at the DMV? Did he threaten somebody with a gun? Did the assault somebody in there? Did he use bad words or shout? Did he behave inappropriately with some ladies in there?

    What was his SIN?

    Does that situation merit to CALL the Cops?

    Do you TWO [Lurker/Common] understand it or are you two so DENSE?

    Some people [employees] at public [and private business] like to PROVOKE some unwanted customers so they can get an EXCUSE to…CALL the Cops, and here is when HELL BREAKS LOOSE.


  • Chris Mallory

    Lurker, as a tax payer, those employees work for ME. Do you get to tell your employer to leave the place his money pays for?

  • Lurker


    They do not work directly for you, and you don’t tell them how to do their jobs. The fact that you think they should answer to you is comical.

  • Andy

    This is crazy, didn’t sit down are you kidding me? To the two badge lickers above. He wasn’t rude, disrespectful, or combative towards the police. Why the hell were they even called? Because some power tripping, authoritative bitch was having a bad day. Again, the only real crime to a cop, contempt of cop

  • Angry

    “So the lady at the DMV asks him to set down , he refuses. She tells him its a rule but he doesn’t believe her. The cops show up and tell him to leave multiple times, he dares them to arrest him. The cop even says he doesn’t want to arrest him but he will if the guy doesn’t leave. I don’t see how he was surprised to be arrested, he told the cops to do it. And acted like a jackass the whole time.”

    So you have no problem with people being forced to leave public places because they’re standing up instead of sitting down?

  • Jimmy Cammack

    First off the DMV lady never told me to leave. Once I asked her the question she turned around and went back to her office I assume to call the police. She simply didn’t respond. I sat down less than a minute later when another seat was available. When the police arrived I was seated.

    Everyone at the office told the police that I had done nothing wrong, nor had I been rude or caused a disturbance. They just chose not to listen to the eight other witnesses.

  • Smokey

    If this guy was smart he would have left, cooled off, and returned to get his license renewed. He was an ass for 5 minutes and left the officer no choice but to arrest him. The only disappointing part of this jackass’s story would be if he is actually an educator as he claims.

  • Common Sense

    Still, after 2 days, nothing in any local paper, nothing in liberty texas new, nothing in any online news feed, nothing but the same text, cut and paste on numerous websites.

    Of course, taking a FB posting as gospel would be foolish.

    I am just waiting to read the whole story.

  • AFoster

    It was dumb that the cops were called for this scenario but seriously why not just leave, let the situation die and come back later. Especially if the cops are there. They aren’t going to leave before you do. Sucks to be arrested for something as stupid as this but I guess its a matter of principle, for both sides.

  • wow

    This is stupid!!! On both sides. The DMV lady shouldn’t have over reacted to someone standing. Who cares if they are standing or sitting? She then over reacted again by getting the cops involved.

    Did the cops over react? I don’t think they did. They asked him to leave and come back later, and that they didn’t even understand what had happened, themselves. However, the teacher started making it a big deal. The cop says, on a couple of occasions, “you’ve been arrested before”. So, the cop knows this guy and they type of antics he has done in the past.

    The teacher has a legitimate gripe against the DMV lady. Not so much with the cops. He dared them to arrest him, and they did.

  • Learning disabled Woman being Tortured in San diego

    The Police are out of Control COMPLETLY-creating a Disturbance he is sticking up for his rights—-

    See if he listen’s to this Guy and agree’s that he wasnt the problem then this Guy in turn can sue teh DMV for distress and Emotional Duress so instead they protect teh Stae Offcies by blaming the Victim for teh Disturbance-that the DMV personal caused-Its nothing but creative finagaling to protect the Percieved why operations should run–these people are crimminal for the Distress they cause and we pay their saleries to arrest us for their mishandling of simple situations-they should still sue the DMV and the police station-Our Goverenement LITERALLY beileve they have teh Right to arrest teh people that pay their saleriers

  • Learning disabled Woman being Tortured in San diego

    In my opionion their nothing but common criminals

  • Robert

    @common sense, I am also in disbelief that the news media hasn’t picked up on this. I sent the story to Democracy Now and have heard nothing. The teacher exercising his right under the first amendment to film the injustice had every bit as much right to be on the property as the sheriff deputies. At the end of the day, he will be fully compensated by the federal courts and the ignorant neanderthals will not be able to comprehend why the court did not take their side.

  • Carlos


    What an OBSESSION of yours, trying to prove that ONLY ONE Cop out of 1,000,000 is corrupt.

    In life, all is not about QUANTITY but QUALITY.

    I work on computers for an IT Dept. in a private company and, I can tell you that the program that has the most lines of code isn’t necessarily the best program. It only takes just ONE line of code badly written for the program to crash and take the whole Operating System to its knees with a Blue Screen of Death[BSOD].

    All this should not turn out in an argument of: “Look, only 1 cop out 1,000,000 is corrupt and the rest [999,999] are ANGELS”. It’s not about that, it about that Cops are supposed to do their duties with a higher standard than other professions. They are more SCRUTINIZED because they are the ones that are supposed to UPHOLD the Law and thus, people expect MORE from them than from anybody else.

    It takes just ONE cop to be corrupt to blow the shit on his buddies.
    And, his buddies, that work with him, on daily basis are the ones who SHOULD be aware, before anybody else, that this cop has problems and need to be either disciplined or cut off from the Force before it’s too late. However, this is not what happens and his Cops buddies usually either SIDE with him or turn a BLIND EYE on his bad actions. It has to be a normal citizen or the FBI who breaks off with the news of this [these] Cop[s] that was [were] caught red handed.

    Cops are PUBLIC SERVANTS who are hired to UPHOLD the Laws [whether these are right or wrong] and to serve: “WE, The People” [the PUBLIC].

    When a Cop is hired, people put their TRUST on him/her because if he/she was hired to uphold the Law, hence he/she has to make an example for the rest of us. If there is a problem with Cop HIRING, I would strongly suggest the decision makers on hiring new Cops to be more STRINGENT with the requirements to hire NEW Cops.

    In regards of the situation generated in this article, I repeat what I already wrote, the DMV bitch was having a bad day and wanted to give to this guy hell because he “DISOBEYED” he commands.

    What really surprises me is that Cops respond to EVERY CALL they get no matter how SILLY is the situation.
    Why didn’t they ask the DMV employee what had happened so they could have a clearer picture of the situation and weigh in if it merited they to be there instead of taking care of a MORE important situations [ somebody being mugged, raped, assaulted, etc.]. They went there at that employee’s request to ENFORCE what the employee wanted; to expel the the teacher from the office. He wasn’t breaking ANY law, he wasn’t armed, he wasn’t assaulting anybody or talking profanity or drunk. Then, why? why? Why the heck didn’t Cops handle this situation in other ways???

    I hardly call the Cops for BULLSHIT, because that WASTES their TIME and MINE too. Cops should use better JUDGEMENT before getting involved in every little thing out there, like the 11-year old girl who was put in HANDCUFFS at school because the school Principal called the cops to handle something the she could’ve handled just using good judgement.

    May be some of you, BADGE-LICKERS, would proudly support a little girl being handcuffed for a stupid thing but, I’d die to know if you have kids [and I believe you DO], and some cop put them in handcuffs for some stupid bullshit, what would you say?


  • cory

    Big mistake – to engage them in conversation. Once you start conversing with them its a slippery slope to toast.

  • Carlos

    Well, what can we do about it? Ademo Freeman is the one who could deny them from coming here to spread lies and troll but also it’s kind of tricky since they can hide behind a proxy and mask their IP’s.

    I try to contribute the best I can to debunk the lies they spread on this site but I believe we are way smarter than they are and know exactly what’s behind their lies. Neither CommonSense nor “T” nor PSOSGT or other badge-lickers that are allowed on this site have been able to convince ANY of us to change our points of view to support them, so they are STRUGGLING in VANE, aren’t they?

  • Carlos

    By they way, I’ve NEVER been to a COP Forum to TROLL. I know there are plenty of Cops Forums on the Internet but I’ve never been there trying to disrupt their “business” cause I do not think that would be useful.

    If they come to OURS just to TROLL, well, that means that this forum is getting on their nerves and it’s pissing them off, so they have been forcec to come here just to rant.

  • Carlos

    The Blue Code of Silence (also known as the “Blue Shield”) is an unwritten rule among police officers in the United States not to report on another colleague’s errors, misconducts or crimes. Other names associated with the Blue Code of Silence are the blue wall, curtain, veil, or cocoon. If questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another officer (e.g. during the course of an official inquiry), while following the Blue Code of Silence, the officer being questioned would claim ignorance of another officer’s wrongdoing.

    Some police officers in New York City have been associated with the Blue Code of Silence. The Mollen Commission said, “The pervasiveness of the code of silence is itself alarming.”

    Cities that have the most crime tend to have more police officers that follow the Blue Code of Silence. It is important that officers show loyalty to each other when they patrol regularly in dangerous areas. One police officer from New York City said, “If a cop decided to tell on me, his career’s ruined….He’s going to be labeled as a rat.”

    Testilying is a term used when an officer gives a false testimony in court in favor of their fellow police officer. If an officer chooses not to lie in court they may be threatened or ostracized by fellow police officers. In 1994, the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Police Corruption also known as the Mollen Commission did a two year investigation on testilying in law enforcement. They discovered that some officers falsified documents such as arrest reports, warrants and evidence for an illegal arrest or search. Some police officers also fabricated stories to a jury. The Commission found that the officers were not testilying for greed but because they believed that they were imprisoning people that deserved it. Also many prosecutors allowed testilying to occur. People involved in testilying believed that it was not corruption but yet another way to “get the job done.”

    Blue Code of Silence is considered to be police corruption and misconduct. Any officers that engaged in discriminatory arrests, physical or verbal harassment, and selective enforcement of the law are considered to be corrupt. Many officers that follow Blue Code of Silence may participate in some of these acts during their career for personal matters or in order to protect or support fellow officers. Some officers may accept bribes, get involved with extortion, steal goods or sell drugs.

    All of these are considered illegal offenses and are grounds for suspension or immediate dismissal. Officers that follow Blue Code of Silence are unable to report fellow officers that participate in corruption due to the unwritten laws of their “police family”.

    If an officer is in violation of any of the officer misconduct federal laws, only the federal government can issue a suit. The police department is only responsible for preventing corruption among officers. If an officer is convicted they may be forced to pay high fines or be imprisoned. To be convicted the plaintiffs must prove that the officer was following the Blue Code of Silence or participating in negligence and unlawful conduct.

    Police officers are more likely to cover up certain kinds of errors by colleagues. One study showed that excessive use of force was the crime most commonly shielded by the Blue Code of Silence.

    It is often hard to convict an officer of following the Blue Code of Silence or other forms of corruption because, officers are protected by defense of immunity which is an exemption from penalties and burdens that the law generally places on other citizens.

    [SARCASM/on] So…it’s only the 0.0000001# of all police officers in the U.S.A. that are…CORRUPT, right? [SARCASM/off]


  • My family and I lived in that county 7 years ago. Cleveland Municipal Court and PD and the county attorney’s office prosecuted my wife for false police report in 2004 after she reported being sodomized by a man from church and then having her life threatened with blackmailed disturbing, graphically violent photos. She paid hundreds of dollars for bail bond and then over a thousand for fine and had to regularly see a probation officer.

    Right after we moved away due to Hurricane Rita in 2005, our neighbors looted/stole from our home the furniture and stuff we had to leave behind. The county attorneys and police didn’t arrest or prosecute them nor my wife’s pitiful grandma’s caregiver who years earlier financially defrauded/imbezzled her and medically/physically neglected her severely. So the justice system in Liberty County seems to have a habit, pattern or policy of ignoring the guilty and punishing victims.

  • Chris Mallory

    I find the fact that you don’t expect them to answer to you to be comical.

    I give no government employee any respect at any time. They do not deserve it.

  • Common Sense


    You left out the link..


    If 1000 cops are arrested per year, or 2 per day, every day, that’s 0.0011%

  • Artie

    @Lurker: so you find the idea of public employees answering to the people to be comical? Your kind just doesn’t learn the normal way, does it?

  • Carlos


    What about the CORRUPTION cases that STILL haven’t surfaced in all the Police Depts. across the U.S.A. due to the “Blue Code of Silence”?

    Do you have a roughly estimate of those? Some statistics?



    Ya’ll are fucking retards. Sorry. but here is how it works. You dial 911 and say you can’t breath, they send an ambulance. You say your house is on fire, they send the fire department. You say you have a disorderly many in your lobby, they are going to send the police.

    When the police show up, they try to get 2 sides of the story, take an action IF needed, and leave. This guy is excited and needs to take a chill pill. How about SIT THE FUCK down next time. Why do people seriously need to create confict????

  • Matt

    sue the hell out of them.

  • Lurker


    Becuase they feel they have the right to create conflict. just like they have the right to go to jail.. lol.

  • Carlos


    Your analogy is kind of LAME. When you call the firefighters is because there is a FIRE, something is on fire [your house, your business, etc], there is a risk of lives being lost if the firefighters are not called in. The same for the paramedics, when you call 911 to report that somebody [a family member, perhaps] just had a stroke or a heart attack, it’s matter of life and death and a life could be lost if they are not called in.

    When calling the COPS, there MIGHT be a life threatening situation in progress [a burglary, someone being raped, assaulted, a break in by someone armed, etc] BUT, there have been calls that AREN’T worth for cops bothering to waste time responding to.

    Examples: my neighbor has a party at night with loud music; is that a situation that merits calling the cops? Is it a life threatening situation?… This is the way people are acting nowadays: neighbors too noisy? Don’t bother confronting them, just call the cops. Fender bender? Immediately call the cops.
    Most things can be handled without getting the cops involved.
    I, myself don’t involve the police unless there is a very, very good reason, because the police tend to escalate a non-violent situation in to deadly force.

    The fact is, every time the police get involved in a situation, there is a significantly increased risk that it will escalate to the point where the cops will use force. The way to mitigate that possibility is not to get the cops involved in the first place.

    Someone refused to sit down in a public office and an employee demanded that person to leave [the customer was not armed, hadn’t threatened anyone at the office, hadn’t assaulted anyone, etc..], Do you think Cops’ presence was still necessary to deal with this situation that could’ve been defused by using better judgement?

    Isn’t not like calling the firefighters because your house is on fire and your kids are trapped inside the house or calling the paramedics because your mother just suffered a heart attack.

    Cops, in many, many occasions, are just called in to deal with bullshit situations that could better handled by the two parties involved by just using good judgement.

    Don’t you think?



    @Carlos… I work for a public safety department. We do police/fire/medical. You know how many times we are sent for a fire, or fire alarm and there isn’t a fire. Or a medical emergency that isn’t a medical emergency???,,,, About 90% or MORE of the time.

    You don’t know what you have until you get there. And some 911 dispatcher who has been trained on how to answer phones and dispatch police/fire/ems… isn’t going to sit there and decide if police are needed. WHY???? Your talking about a HUGE civil liability issue. Yeah, they were sent for a disorderly subject. Nothing big, but if that disordely subject had pulled out a gun and started shooting people.. how much would the county be paying to the families of the victims because they didn’t send the police?????

    And I’m not sure where this “life threatening” factor comes into place?? Does someone’s life need to be threatened b4 we send somebody out?

    And the FACT IS…..if you’d like to actual research something verses pull shit out of your ass, that lest that 1/2% of all police encouters involve the use of force. That’s less that .5%. I guess in the tinfoil hat world you live in, less than .5% is a “significant” chance of the police using force.

    In the last 10 years, I’ve driven a fire truck to hundreds of calls, and have responded to at least 1,000 medical “emergency’s” I could count on 1 hand how many actual fires we had that had people trapped. 1. And about 20 actual fires. As for medical emergencies.. look into those a bit. Most are people with no insurance or frequent flyer’s that know an ambulance ride will get them into a hospital room verses waiting thier turn in the lobby. “trouble breathing” are the magic words.

    As for people with loud parties.. I’ve taken about 3 people to jail over the last 10 years for “disorderly house”. ALL were in apartment complex’s and all of them were given 2 verbal warnings b4 I took action. If people don’t want to go and tell thier neighbor to turn it down, and call the police instead because the neighbors are breaking the law, then complain about those neighbors, not the police for responding upon the request if a tax-payer.

  • Rg

    Get a attorney

  • Common Sense

    Again, nothing in any newspaper or report still. Non-incident.

  • Angry

    “Why do people seriously need to create confict????”

    What you need to realize is that the DMV lady and the police were the aggressors. They initiated the conflict. First off the DMV gave an order she had no legal or logical right to give, and the police initiated force against the man, ignoring a dozen witnesses and taking the word of one person.

    You cops need to drop this might is right bullshit. Just because “YOU SAY SO” doesn’t make you or anybody right. It makes you guys look like idiots because you won’t even defend your actions with logic and reason. All you have to say is, “We’re the police, obey us or suffer.” It’s this attitude that has alienated you from society, and your actions will only continue to provoke people to hate and resist you.

  • Jim

    Serves him right. What an idiot, disobeying the cops. He reminds me of that uppity nigger Rosa Parks. She created a scene and broke the law and got what she deserved, just like this guy.

  • JasonCB

    Cops and their fans on this site (everywhere really) have an amazing ability to skim a story so they won’t have to worry about relevant facts and spin it however they like, making themselves look more the fool. PSOSGT, for instance, said the teacher “should take a chill pill…and sit down”, ignoring the fact that all the witnesses said that he wasn’t a threat and had politely *given up his seat*. Do you give up a seat when there are other empty seats? Apparently this crazy DMV woman, PSOSGT, etc think he should just obey mindlessly and sit on the floor or leave, otherwise he’s creating conflict and is a threat (great spin there). I would guess that even if he sat on the floor the cops would’ve been called and he would’ve been arrested for not sitting in an actual seat.

  • Robert

    All parties involved displayed a serious case of Pebbles’ headedness! Remember the Flintstones and the size of Pebbles’ head in relation to her body? My turn to step in and verbally “beat up” on lurker. Since this comment is so late that he probably won’t see it (he’s socially as blind as a bat anyway), I can only conclude that he must be a cop or DMV employee, himself, to be defending the jerks involved in the incident. We hire law enforcement as public servants who work for and to protect US and our property! Not to assault us!

  • Scott Eiserman

    Being asked to leave and refusing does not constitute trespassing if the order to leave was unlawful. He was doing nothing wrong. Everyone here who keeps saying he “got what he deserved” and was arrested because he was “being a jackass”- what criminal statute was he violating specifically? Even is he was acting rudely (which I don’t feel he was) he was BREAKING NO LAW!!!!! The whole idiotic argument that he should know what to expect is the whole problem with this situation- he should NEVBR have to expect to be dwetained and given unlawful orders to leave in the first place, nor should he have to expect to be arrested for disobeying illegal orders. You sheeple that feel he deserved this because he disobeyed an UNLAWFUL order disgust me. Police used to order black people to leave white neighborhoods- should they have been arrested even if they had a right to be there simply because they violated police orders? Itr does not matter how polite the police are, they DO NOT have the right to order us around when we are not breaking the law. This is the reason law abiding citizens like myself are confrontational with police- THEY are the ones being worse than rude- THEY ARE VIOLATING OUR RIGHTS. I encourage everyone to film EVERY interaction with police, good and bad- commend the good cops, and hold the bad ones accountable.

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  • Dustin

    It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong.

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  • JS

    Well, it’s well past the 14th. What happened? Where’s the update?

  • Mike OxBig

    Simple case of “contempt of cop”.

    Cops these days have no imagination. Instead of defusing the situation (protect and serve), they give mindless orders followed by threats. Officers do not have the privilege of creating, bending or breaking laws them to suit their needs.

    black AND white –
    Officer called…officer responds…officer listens vaguely to both sides…officer chooses a side…officer gives order to citizen…citizen asks if order is lawful…officer responds with demand…citizen asks if demand is lawful…officer responds with threat…citizen dares the officer to enforce his threat of arresting him for non-compliance of the unlawful order/demand.

    Remember an officer is aloud to LIE. When one asks if an order/demand is lawful the officer must not proceed if they are going to bend/break the law.

    Simple conclusion…
    Officer should have walked the citizen to the counter, assisted him with his business (with a different clerk), and they could have all had a great day. (DMV lady, citizen, and officer)

    Generally do not respond to mindless trolls. I do have to say though.
    @Lurker – if you are an officer. I pity the citizens of your small town. I’ve tried many times to justify the actions of the officers, which is why I broke it down for you above. Officers simply can’t make a citizen do something to suit their needs. They have to protect and serve the DMV lady and the citizen 50/50. Officers do not have the luxury of speaking law. They must follow the constitution like every other American. A citizen that knows his constitutional rights should be a blessing to officers NOT A BURDEN.

  • Leigh

    “I was then taken to Liberty County Jail. I was then strip searched, put in orange pajamas and stuck in a cell for four hours until I bonded out for $500.

    Since the arrest Captain Evans has taken it upon himself to call the school that I teach at to harass them that I had been arrested. Luckily I left the job prior to his phone call”

    As a British citizen, when I read this ^ I genuinely feel sorry for the ‘free’ people of America. Also I am very happy to see sites like copblock and believe that inevitably people of any nation hold the true power. All it needs is a common disgust and a voice spoken by numbers, I wish you all the best,


  • mike

    I live in Kilgore TX and find this to be terrible. So what happened with your charges? where they thrown out? also you should sue, otherwise people well continue to have their rights trampled…. the only thing bad men need to succeed is for good men to do nothing…. “impeeding a goverment operation”, what BS, more like the lady inside didnt like you… so what if a black man comes in and she tells him he’s not allowed to sit down, would the police arrest him? if they did you know there would be a law suit… by the way, my wife has damaged disks in her low back and cant sit long periods without standing every so often…would she be arrested?

  • Ynnek Luap

    leave without your license so we can arrest you and impound your vehicle.
    More money in the coffers to help pay for congresses debt. hypothication over your signature and QSIP money from your case in court. ways of making money off your body.

    Not the seat of government like you were taught.

    google the act of 1871! watch it on youtube.

    The 41 congress assembled created a new constitution for the UNITED STATES(a Corporation). opt out of citizenship and get back to the original constitution of the united States of America, there is where all your unalienable rights are found. If you told the detective you were not a citizen or a person, to be used for determining your status nothing would stick because you were out of their fictitious matrix. The very thought of using a class d drivers license that the state owns,for travel is insane, unless your getting paid of course!then it is required.

  • Ric Kni

    So what is the outcome here? Did the DA drop the charges? Did the teacher sue the county sheriff’s department, and each of the individual officers, as well as the BMV and the lady who provided false testimony to the officer?

  • Robert Paulson

    Charges were dropped. Detective was fired. Sheriff did not get re-elected.