Georgia Cop “Likely Shot Accidentally” by Other Police Officer While Responding to Wrong Home (UPDATE)

Dekalb Police Officer Shot*THIS POST IS AN UPDATE TO THE EARLIER POST, “Homeowner Shoots Cop after Police Respond….”

A DeKalb County cop was likely shot by a fellow police officer after responding to the wrong house Monday evening.

The incident happened around 7:35 p.m. when officers were responding to a call about a burglary-in-progress.

DeKalb County Public Safety Director Dr. Cedric Alexander said officers received a vague description of the location of a burglary-in-progress, and the officer entered the wrong residence. The officers walked around the house into the backyard, and opened the back door into the home.  The officers were greeted by a playful brindle boxer, and gunshots were fired.  The officer, the homeowner, and the boxer were struck by gunfire.  The dog was killed.

“Early investigation indicates that the injured officer was likely shot accidently by one of the other officers on the scene,” GBI officials said in a statement.

GBI spokesman Scott Dutton said it was still too early to tell exactly who fired the gunshots. Dutton said he wasn’t aware if anyone in the home was armed besides the police. GBI officials said there is no evidence the residents of the home had committed any crimes.

Tama Colson, who lives two doors from where the police shot the man and his dog, said she witnessed police cars speeding past her as she was on a walk, and shortly after heard gunshots.

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Colson said she saw her wounded neighbor and his wife fleeing their home and the man was yelling: “They shot me and they shot my dog!”

“He told me they were in the house watching television when they heard something in the backyard,” Colson said. “The husband gets up to check, opens the door and he just sees shooting. He gets hit and his dog is dead.”

Bob Gilman, a neighbor, said he’s frightened this could be a common occurrence.

This isn’t the first time Atlanta police officers shot someone invading the wrong house.  In 2006, police officers killed a 92-year-old woman in a botched drug raid.  Acting on an incorrect tip from a drug dealer, police kicked in Kathryn Johnston’s door to her home in a no-knock-raid.  Johnston fired a single shot through the door with a revolver.  Police fired back 39 times, killing the elderly woman.

Three of the officers went to prison after it was discovered that they tried to cover up the mistake by planting bags of marijuana at the residence.

The three officers involved in Monday’s shooting, identified as Jones, Quhanna Lloyd and Timothy Harden — have been placed on administrative leave, however, it’s not likely they will be sent to prison, or even reprimanded for that matter; because cops aren’t held to the same standard as us common folk.  When the police invade a home, shoot the homeowner, and kill their pet dog, it’s just a mistake.  They’ll probably blame the 911 caller for not being more specific.  

Do you think negligent trigger happy cops should be held accountable for mistakes that hurt other people and destroy family pets?  Tell us what you think in the comments.

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