Maybe Las Vegas Needs a Riot (Via Submission)

This post was submitted by Ballentine of the Sunset Activist Collective, via the Submissions page. Ballentine was also a member of the “Sunset Four,” a group of Las Vegas activists who were arrested in August of 2013 for protesting against police brutality and other crimes by the police.

After multiple attempts, law enforcement in Southern Nevada succeeded in forcing the Clark County Commission to pass a sales tax measure to fund the hiring of more police officers. The vote itself was a forgone conclusion, which many people who spoke at the hearing eluded to. Only Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani voted against passage and for the wrong reasons, that she was against sales taxes not the police. I fault her as well for not standing up to the police.

Prior to the hearing several people involved in organizing against this tax proposal were followed on twitter by law enforcement with the Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force. Opponents to the new tax included people across a broad spectrum of beliefs and all were ignored. Former Sheriff Bill Young, who now heads security at Station Casinos, even invoked the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS) to pressure commissioners to pass this bill. The Latin American Chamber of Congress echoed this false belief stating that “we are one incident away from disaster on the strip.” (Kinda like the incident where LVMPD officers choked and beat two innocent people that had just broken up a fight during News Years. – Editor)

Another great place on the internet to show your CopBlock love.
Another great place on the internet to show your CopBlock love.

The truth is that, according to the US Government, you are eight times more likely to be killed by law enforcement than in the War on Terror. People in Nevada have good reason to fear the police. Local law enforcement serves corporations, not the public, and this was clear by the corporate representation that was present at today’s hearing. Wynn resorts, the AFL-CIO, Caesars Entertainment and NV Energy to name just a few. Even Mcmullin’s Pub came in to support this robbery.

Las Vegas police stand guard outside the Harrah's hotel-casino in Las Vegas on Feb. 21, 2006. As officer Norman Jahn recalls, police arrested the suspected gunman without firing a shot.Law enforcement likes to pretend they are outgunned at major events, but the reality is that businesses are already forced to pay for police officer security when their events have more than 100 people in attendance. The justification for this tax was fear. From Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick suggesting the tiny hamlet of Mesquite has a gang problem, to union reps claiming that the situation on the Strip is “out of control” fear was used to sell this.

For all his sweet talking of law enforcement, we need to remember that Former Sheriff Gillespie had a secret meeting to dig up dirt on Chairman Steve Sisolak that they could use to blackmail him into complying with this vote after the last time it failed. I have to wonder what they discovered about him.

William Mosher LVMPD Erik ScottI’m also irked that even more of my money will go to pay for the murder of unarmed people of color, which the commission in opting not to address the issue of the police never being put on trial has given approval to a culture where black lives don’t matter. Commissioner Lawrence Weekly went so far as to admit “there are probably people in jail who don’t belong there, that belong in the hospital.” By acknowledging such an issue, but then approving the money to increase the likelihood that this will continue, he is in league with the police state.

It’s concerning that people still think elections will do anything meaningful. “Go vote” law enforcement will tell you, but for who exactly? Not one person sitting on that commission had the right idea and they should be ashamed of their actions.

After I spoke several people came to me and thanked me for my comments. As a retired teacher I know that local government holds these hearings during the day to make it so working people can’t comment. As a victim of police brutality, I am saddened that the body count of Nevada law enforcement will continue to climb. If local government is so cowardly and likes to use fear as a tactic then I say maybe we should speak their language. Maybe Las Vegas needs a riot.

Derek Colling LVMPDMaybe people should boycott Clark County businesses. I don’t know about you, but having a police state doesn’t make me feel safer it makes me want to stay away from that city. If I’m given the choice of a vacation without police harassment or with lots of it, I’m picking without.

I urge anyone who owns a business to deny free services or any service for law enforcement. Stop coddling these overpaid murderers. We need to stand up to them and not allow law enforcement to threaten attacks or reduction in services that the figures show they have ample money and manpower to address. I really have to wonder where the hypocrisy stops, I feel we are heading toward a confrontation based on corporate supported racist police forces and that any “incident” that occurs will be the direct result of ignoring the issue of out of control law enforcement.

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Kelly W. Patterson

a lifelong resident of Las Vegas, who’s been very active in local grassroots activism, as well as on a national level during his extensive travels. He’s also the founder/main contributor of Nevada CopBlock, Editor/contributor at and designed the Official CopBlock Press Passes.
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  • mobooz

    Normally I’d be against it, but I honestly think it would be hilarious to see a riot in Las Vegas. People climbing all over the Luxor, shirtless pirates fighting off anarchists in the street, the Stratosphere toppling to the ground… I say go for it! =D

  • Ridin Red

    Show me a video of a citizen that says YES SIR / NO SIR & YES MAM / NO MAM, and acts like a complete ladie or gentlemen, does everything they are told, and acts respectful…. And still gets beat down by the Police. I have yet to see a video like that.

  • 0 accountability

    sometimes the cops are rude. its not all black and white and sometimes either person cop or citizen mouths off. Never should that lead to someone getting beat up or killed that’s the complete craziness that we are seeing. I would not put this all on folk that don’t kiss a cops rear. we all are sinner and makes mistakes. I just don’t blindly submit to all authority like a robot. Usually most comply with what cops want though some are getting scared and avoiding them or running aaahh Have you ever heard of psychopaths? there is getting to be more of them. Not all incidences are the citizens fault totally

  • t

    That’s right…I’m glad to see another intelligent poster other than JC who really gets it.

    If you don’t kiss an officer’s ass…and say yes sir and obey every command…officers are aloud to rape or kill you…or both…just sayin.

  • t

    If I give you an order…even over the internet…you have to do what I tell you…I can order you to do anything…and you have to comply. If I tell you to lick my boot…the right answer is yes sir left or right.

  • disqus_Oz92oxXWiZ

    nowher does it say that you have to kiss a poLICE ass…..cops merikas taliban…it says lice right in the name

  • 0 accountability

    Boy, Las Vegas sounds like a corrupt place to live. cops trying to push through sales tax to get more pay. killing going on like crazy

  • mioman

    try this one …… copy and paste…… Police Beating of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, CA

  • DeadPigGoodPig


  • DeadPigGoodPig

    So you believe it’s completely reasonable to beat somebody into submission because you feel they didn’t show you the proper respect?

  • disqus_Oz92oxXWiZ

    Your the reason cops are getting killed

  • JC

    Another bullshit article by Patterson. You would want your city destroyed by rioters? Your stupid articles are primarily your opinions. You are the one calling for the riot. Not the citizens of Las Vegas.

  • Gavin

    Thank you for this website. The pure incompetence of your retards if fucking awesome. I love it. Keep using your 1 amendment for my entertainment lol

  • Joseph Murray

    And you think that’s what it should take to avoid being beaten up by our Public Servants; unquestioning, slobbering obedience? What a brave, free American you are!

  • keepitreal

    That’s you’re opinion. See what I did?

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