Calling All CopSuckers: A Blue Balloon Event


Today a friend of mine put this Facebook event on my radar. Titled “A Blue Balloon” and hosted by a trio – Katerine MarshallBeth Previs and Jennifer Winn – of CopSuckers. The Facebook event has the following description:

No purchase necessary! ! This event is everywhere! If you support our men in blue then you have no reason not to join!!! I want to thank everyone that has joined and shared this event. It has grown to something i never expected! September 30th every single person who knows/ supports / loves an officer step outside at 1pm EST noon central!!! and DISPLAY a blue Balloon let’s show our officers that our love and respect for them can win this war on our hero’s share this and Tag everyone you know!!!! Radio stations and news reports pick this story up and help us support our heroes here on our homeland!!
*****We have received some concerns about the dangers of balloons and although I will not be changing the title I do encourage everyone to express their support in whatever way they feel is best ! Thank your for your help is showing our officers we appreciate them! Men. Women. K -9. I @[null:#ABlueBalloon]

Please direct all media inquiries to Katherine Marshall @

If any would like more information about the event i will check that email as often as possible!!!

First, let’s all laugh out loud at the “we have received some concerns about the dangers of balloons” as these people rally to support some of the most dangerous people on the planet. Luckily for me there was an email and I decided to email Katherine a few questions:

1. How are people coordinating their activities for this event? Is there a map of events happening across the country somewhere?
2. How many events are you expecting to take place? Is there a place people can post their pictures and videos of their events? Is there a hashtag being used?
3. What’s the goal of the event? Are you trying to raise awareness? If so, for what?
4. What inspired you (or whomever) to create this event? Do you (or they) feel there is a lack of support for police these days?
5. Why should people support the police? What do the police do that deserves support? OR why do you feel there’s people who may NOT support the police?
6. Should people who don’t want to pay – via taxation – for the ‘services’ provided by police be forced to pay anyways? How do you feel knowing that some of the people who are forced to pay your salary might not want too? How is that any different that, say, armed robbery?

Katherine promptly responded to me saying:

I’ll just go down the list. If anything is unclear or unanswered please let me know!

1. Events are cordoned by individuals  who strongly agree with the cause. There will be no map only those personally invited to the ‘regional displays’ (as I like to refer to them as since they are all part of one event). I will be notified via email or p.m. of each event but I will not be sharing the locations with the public in order to protect their identity  and keep the displays as safe as possible.

2. After their events people will be sharing photos and turn outs with me to be posted. #ABlueBalloon

3. The goal is to make officers feel a bit more safe in their day to day. To show that some of the community  still stands behind them.

4. I was inspired to create this event after noticing alot of negative publicity surrounding LEOs  as well as an abundance of unnecessary  violence towards them. I feel like the officers are feeling threatened. Therefore I wanted to show them and the rest of the world that much of the communities are still supportive of LEOs.

5. Police officers put themselves in risk to protect us and our loved ones. They disregard their own safety in order to provide safety to a stranger. In the community  they provide for people on a personal basis. I think some people do not support LEOs  for multiple reasons. Here are JUST A FEW: people do not like being told what they can and cannot do. There are a few bad apples in every group and unfortunately when an officer becomes one of those bad apples it spreads on media like wild fire making it difficult  to remember that it’s just one bad human being that unfortunately  made it onto the force.

6. I get the feeling that you believe I am a LEO …I am not I work for American Family Insurance and benefit in no way from the lousy  salary of any LEO. But to answer your question as long as we are forced to house criminals and the president of the United states. Yes I think everyone should have to help pay their taxes which helps pay the salary of LEOs .

I also believe that if we allowed civilians take law into their own hands we would have some serious issues … I hope I have helped you to understand the purpose of this event and my views on LEO thank you  and have a wonderful day!!


We exchanged another email where I said:

Thanks for the prompt response. I have a few follow up questions.

1. You mention that the goal is to make officers feel more safe at their jobs, but, do you realize that you’re more likely to be killed by the police than the police are to be killed by you? Did you know that over 700 people have been killed by police in the USA this year and less than 25 police have died by the hands of ‘violent criminals?’

2. Based off my first set of questions. Would you agree that, if the goal is to keep cops AND PEOPLE safe, then having the police work directly for their salaries – by negotiating price for service with customers – would be the best way to achieve this? If police ARE being harmed more than before there has to be a reason for this. The reason could be the war on drugs, overcrowding of prisons or the  ever growing number of victimless crime law (these are laws that have no violence or victim, yet send people to cages as if they were bad people) that cops are being asked to enforce this year. If these are the reasons than police working outside the scope of government control would not only benefit them but everyone.

For example, police are forced to raid people’s houses for Marijuana – thank you government. Yet, most people wouldn’t pay police to do that – I know I wouldn’t – and the ones who would, would be so few that it would be nearly impossible for them to be able to afford that. Therefore that wouldn’t happen anymore because the market doesn’t demand it and EVERYONE would be much safer. This would also allow “cops” to have more time to spend on actual crimes – with victims.

Assuming this is true, would you then consider holding an event that would urge police to quit their state funded, oppressive jobs and work directly with those they claim to protect and serve. Or at a bare minimum could we agree that people should be free to choose what type of protection they’d like to pay for? I mean we aren’t forced to go to McDonald’s, we have choices , why can’t we have that with police?

And sorry for assuming you were a LEO, I guess I did so because of your thin blue line profile picture.


This is when the conversation went into the trash, as it does with most CopSuckers who are unable to defend blindly supporting the police, when Katherine says:

I am sorry but I don’t have time to entertain this debate at this time so I will be blunt … no I don’t think criminals should be able to be criminals as long as a victim does not pay for protection… have a nice day.
I decided to leave her with a few thoughts (which I hope are seeds that will later grow into real ideas):

I wonder how you feel when the police harass the homeless? They aren’t paying taxes and the police are heavy handed with them because they (the police) know they don’t have anyone to go to (meaning can’t afford lawyers).  Do you have any idea the amount of corruption within policing? How do you think drugs get into maximum security prisons without the police knowing? Or into this country without some police making that happen?

Lastly, to be blunt, your event is a pointless cause. You’re asking people to support police who do nothing you think they do – they aren’t even legally obligated to protect you (see here). The police are the world’s largest gang, the most violent and corrupt people on the planet. To ask people to support that without question, to believe that such actions should be funded by people regardless of whether they voluntarily want to part with their hard earned money, is simply naive.

Nevertheless, I support your right to organize such event and ambitions. I just wish you’d realize that forcing people to pay for what you want is wrong  – I mean you have to know that’s wrong, right? Because I don’t appreciate you (and anyone else who supports the police) sending men with guns to my house because I won’t pay for the protection you think I need.

Enjoy your event and thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

I really feel sorry for Katherine and most CopSuckers, as you’ll see in a video I’m currently editing about CopSuckers I’ve come across while filming the police, they emphatically believe what they say – that police protect them, without police we’d have chaos, etc… – but the truth simply doesn’t support their claims. No matter how emotionally charged or assertive they are the police are not protecting you. For every example of a police officer that may have protected someone (probably by mere accident) there are 100 cases of extortion, corruption and hypocrisy by other officers. Sure, most people reading this won’t agree with me that a speeding ticket is extortion, but, it is, and one day you’ll realize that too.
All of that aside it comes down to one simple aspect, IMO.  Any rational person knows that the police are not “free”; they cost money (resources). I’ve never met a person that has said ‘people should be FORCED to pay’ for something they don’t want to pay for. I mean, who would believe you can force someone to pay for something they don’t want? Whether we agree on what type of policing we each should pay for, it’s not an issue until one of us tries to force the other to pay for the service THEY think is best. Think about this… if you have a friend who likes Coke and you like Pepsi you don’t get into an emotional argument over which is better. You buy Pepsi and he buys Coke. That’s that.
300 million people will never agree on what type of protection (Coke or Pepsi) we should all be forced to pay for (or buy).  Therefore, one must think that a logical solution is for more options and more choices to choose from. If this truly is the freest country on the planet than that wouldn’t be so hard to understand. Before we can gain any accountability we need to end the government’s monopoly on protection.
So this September 30th when you see someone with a #ABlueBalloon kindly asking them, “what’s the balloon for?” After they give you a line of crap about how it’s to support the brave men and women in uniform. Remind them that the police are not your friends, they are not your protectors. The police are the enforcers of your captors rules. They are what keeps you caged, not what makes you free and most certainly not what keeps you safe. Katherine is calling all CopSuckers to rally their undying, unquestioning support for those brave men and women.
Will you be joining her?


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Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

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