CopSucker Corner #3: A Summer of CopSuckers (VIDEO)

The video above is from a several CopBlocking nights over this past summer (you can see those videos here) where I was lucky enough to encounter one of nature’s finest creatures. The irrational, highly emotional and never understanding CopSucker. For those of you unaware, a CopSucker by (urban) definition is:

Somebody who worships police and similar figures, regardless of the extensive evidence that they are a troubling influence in the world. Sucks that authoritarian D.

These creatures are so amazing that no matter how many times you rationally tell them that the police aren’t obligated to protect anyone, do a number of things many of us – even the CopSucker – would be jailed for if done without a costume/badge and that you simply want to opt out of the government’s policing services they result to childish insults and ad hominem attacks.

copsuckers corner #1 in the arena john burkThey accuse you of being a criminal who should stop breaking the law even though there isn’t a single CopSucker who can state with confidence that they know, and abide by, every single law. Heck, there isn’t a Cop (or CopBlocker) who can say they know ALL the laws either. There’s simply too many. Now add that nearly 40,000 laws are passed each year, prisons/jails are overcrowded with people convicted of crimes that have no violence or victims and even the most “well behaved’ CopSucker has a possibility of feeling an officer’s wrath one day.

Still the CopSucker screams that police are heros, and should be treated as such, but they actually have no actual reasons as to why. Most of them will start by saying the police protect us but as soon as they get push back on that it’s back to blanket statements and blind assumptions. Like telling CopBlockers to get a job, move out of their parent basement or some other attack that has nothing to do with the topic of police. As if that person’s job, place of residence and/or personal issue changes the fact that we (everyone) live in a police state.

Nevertheless the biggest issue at hand when it comes to policing, IMO, is something I addressed in a post recently titled “Calling All CopSuckers; A Blue Balloon Event.” In that post I stated: comes down to one simple aspect, IMO.  Any rational person knows that the police are not “free”; they cost money (resources). I’ve never met a person that has said ‘people should be FORCED to pay’ for something they don’t want to pay for [or should benefit from something they are NOT paying for]. I mean, who would believe you can force someone to pay for something they don’t want or believe they need? Whether we agree on what type of policing we each should pay for, it’s not an issue until one person tries to force the other to pay for the service THEY believe is best. Think about this… if you have a friend who likes Coke and you like Pepsi you don’t get into an emotional argument over which is better. You buy Pepsi and he buys Coke. That’s that.
300 million people will never agree on what type of protection (Coke or Pepsi) we should all be forced to pay for (or buy).  Therefore, one must think that a logical solution is for more options and more choices to choose from. If this truly is the freest country on the planet than that wouldn’t be so hard to understand. Before we can gain any accountability we need to end the government’s monopoly on protection.
click image above to read CopSuckers Corner #2
click image above to read CopSuckers Corner #2

I really don’t hate CopSuckers. Sure, I hate talking to them at times because it’s always the same brainwashed, regurgitated crap. The only thing that really bothers me about them is that though they wouldn’t personally force you to pay for their police – as in point a gun at you to take the money – they’re fine with supporting a system that’s more than willing to force you to pay for things you may not want, do not use or will never need.

So to those CopSuckers I’ve met this past summer, I hope you act as an example to future CopSuckers. Realize that I don’t hate all police, I hate the system they work for. That system is broken, expensive and lacks any sense of protection or justice. Instead of telling people who film the police to get a job, move to another country, call a crackhead or to stop breaking the law… how about you take a good look at what you’re being forced to pay for. What laws the police are using your money to enforce and what they do to people who end up in the revolving justice system. Then ask yourself if you’re ok with that and then maybe you won’t want to be a CopSucker anymore.

That’s my hope because until then, you’re stuck here on CopSuckers Corner.

CONVERSATION WITH COPSUCKERS (who were nice to my face but continue to trash me & “CopBlock” on line):

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