The Cop That Sucked Itself- Viral Rant of an Emotionally Unstable LEO


Below, in black, is a transcript of the video. In red are my responses.

Hi. As you can see I am a police officer. I have been one for twenty years. I’m white, i’m Hispanic, i’m a female. A mom, too, of a two-year-old and a four-year-old. And this morning my son asked me, when he saw me getting ready for work, “Mommy, you going to work?” And I said, “Yes.” And like a typical four-year-old that glorious question of, “Why?” And I thought about it. I just saw on the news, how another officer was ambushed. I spent most of the night thinking about doing this video. And right then and there I decided I was gonna do it. Because it needs to be heard.

Is it just as glorious when somebody who you have stopped or detained is asking you why, or do you start tossing out the ‘BCUZ MUH BADGE’ like you invented it? Do you answer every question with honest and fully informed answers, checking when you don’t know, or do you just arrest them all and let the courts sort them out? What is your actual dedication to the ‘Glorious Why?’

If you spent most of the night thinking about doing the video, how did you decide right then and there?

There is an essential semantic problem with these two statements. However, I point this out to show bad spoken grammar, but to begin to highlight that we are not dealing with someone who is ‘thinking’ here. We are dealing with someone who is feeling. None of what you are about to read will contain any consistent logic. It is a mish mash of buzzwords and cliches all filtered through the life long social conditioning that makes her replace rational concepts and reason with raw emotional states, rendering her intellectually ineffectual. 

I answered my son, my four-year-old, as my two-year-old was next to him looking up at me, and I told them- “Because mommy cares. Mommy cares.” I care.

I believe that in your own way, Lydia, you do care. However you are very misguided about how you show it. Because you are beholden to the emotional responses conditioned into you by public schools, media and other government propaganda, you are not able to see that you are part of the problem, not the solution; and that no matter how good your intentions are they are tied to that which is itself incapable of goodness.

psychologyadWhen you fill out any official document for credit, a job, anything- it asks you what your ethnicity is. It asks you what your gender is. It asks you if you’re black, if you’re white, if you’re Hispanic, if you’re American Indian, if you’re Asian. It asks you all those personal questions. Yet when you call 911, the person who answers the phone doesn’t stop you and ask you any of those questions. They ask you, “What’s your emergency? How can we help you?” And you tell them what the issue is because if you called 911, you need help. Be it it’s fire [department] that responds, be it it’s us, be it it’s both of us. You need help, cause if not, you wouldn’t have dialed 911. And, um, we get the call. Our dispatcher then gives us the call. We basically are told we need to respond in lights and sirens, or if we respond routine. And, um, we’re putting our lives out on the line here. Because we’re going to you because you need us, not knowing exactly what we are going in to. And people don’t understand that.

Well, the first clue as to the difference between information required being so different is that word, ’emergency’. The hospital makes you fill out such information, unless you have a bad case of bullet in the head, then they tend to forego the demographic information and concentrate first on the ballistic illness emergency. However, they will fill that out later. Just as your report will later include all of that information. This is an issue of how emergencies are responded to by any emergency service providers. It does not make cops above some standard, it just makes them compliant with the norms.

Stop already with the nonsensical ‘putting our lives on the line’ talk, okay? The basic numbers illustrate that policing is not even in the top 15 most dangerous jobs. And about half of those deaths are caused by car wrecks, not by being killed by a criminal. The numbers actually tend to show that cops are more dangerous to peaceful people than criminals are to cops. So just STFU already, because its a meaningless statement that cannot be supported by facts. Everyone who drives to work is taking a risk greater than police take, on average. Coupled with other accidents or unforeseeable events, nobody knows if they will make it home at the end of their day. That risk is an inherent part of life and when I see you cops act like you own that fear exclusively it tells me just how irrational and conditioned you really are.

We don’t ask that dispatcher, “Hold on. Wait, is this a black person who is calling? Is this a white person who is calling?” That doesn’t matter because we don’t care. We don’t care at all. It’s not about color. It’s not about any of that. It’s about the fact that all lives matter.

Yes, but you do find that out when you arrive, don’t you? And it is obvious that it affects the response of many officers. Moreover, not every police interaction is an emergency call. Those are very few and far between compared to the interactions initiated by police. And that these interactions tend to target by class and race is also a statistical fact that cannot be escaped. And while you may not participate in any direct prejudice, you do participate in a system that has both historical and modern institutionalized bigotries embedded into its very nature.

I have accommodations, I have pins, I have all those glorious things and they’re all in a closet in the bottom. In a box, collecting dust, because I don’t want any of that pinned on me. I don’t want any of my accommodations pinned, I don’t want any of that. The only thing I want pinned on me is my badge. Because when I received my badge I swore an oath. I swore that I was going to protect and serve. All people. Not blacks, not whites. None of that. The oath is color blind. It doesn’t care about all that. And all of us that have these badges don’t care about all that, either.

banner420Do you have a bank account with money paid to you by your department taken from taxpayers, some of whom do not desire or wish to pay for your services, but must under threat that you or your colleagues will come to imprison or kill them if they do not comply with this extortion? Would you do what you do if it did not involve the financial security of a socialist monopoly that pays far above the average income of those you serve and protect? Is it only for the lives, or does pay come into play? Wanna start volunteering instead?

It has already been legally determined that police are not required to either serve or protect citizens. Their only duty is to enforce the law, regardless of how immoral or damaging to communities those laws may be. An oath is not a magic spell. Lots of people took that same oath and abused their power. That oath is meaningless. Its not your magic poems that we are watching, it is the polices corruption, power abuse and aggressive violence we have come to measure you all by.

Yeah, we all have our bad apples. Who doesn’t? And people forget that. When you’re running away from something because you’re in fear for your life, we’re running into it.

I guess that you forgot about what bad apples do, Lydia. They spoil the whole damn bunch. So by your admission of having bad apples, you say much about the bunch you are in. Since so many of those bad apples are protected by your fraternal codes and unions from any real consequences, the bad apples just sit there rotting the whole bunch away. And since none of the good apples seem to want to follow their oath to its logical conclusion and weed out the bad apples themselves, then how can you expect to be seen by reasonable people as anything but an increasingly rotting bunch? If there were good cops, there wouldn’t be bad cops, because the good ones would take care of them. It is so rare that this happens that the bad apple thing you cops always spout is damning to you.

Please just STFU about all of this fearing for lives stuff. You act as if your career is a constant action movie when in reality we know that it is mostly just a bunch of routine bullshit that is used to extort and damage individuals over victimless crimes that result in a lot of income for your department and government overlords. When you exaggerate so egregiously all rational people immediately recognize you for the dangerously mindless fearmongering robot you are.

When I kiss my children, in the morning, before I go to work, and tell them I love them, I don’t know if I am going to be coming back at the end of the day. I don’t know, especially nowadays. And um, that’s, it’s hard, it’s really hard. But i’m here. Why? Because I care. All lives matter. Everyone’s life matters.

Click image to read this article.
Click image to read this article.

Police deaths have dropped dramatically over the last several decades, as well as violent crime in general. You are being brainwashed to believe that it is getting worse by media pundits and government stooges. Despite the fact that the facts all bear out the opposite, you are made a puppet by the emotional responses conditioned into you by these forces. You are being made to fear for your lives and you are becoming more dangerous to citizens in return. The fake fear that is manufactured in you by your society and superiors actually makes you more dangerous to us. It creates a psychological effect in which you respond emotionally to certain stimulus in a certain way so that your own individual intelligence doesn’t get in the way of the orders or their givers and their agenda.

This is the saddest part of all. Police and their supporters are actually victims of a lifetime of brainwashing. You can see it in their emotional outbursts and subjective justifications for committing immoral acts. Lydia here shouldn’t be policing in this state. She is irrational. She is raw emotion, untouched by fact or reason. This makes her a danger to herself and us. It makes her an unwilling participant in overall social programs which steal the minds and liberties of human beings. She, and all those like her, have been lobotomized by a lifetime of manufactured reflexes used to create a system of top down control. Police and their supporters are, like us, slaves to this system. But they have been so intellectually damaged that they see beyond the world of fact and reason into some Sunday School oversimplification of the world that justifies their worldview. Yet they are also slaves to this crippling fear. Their entire lives are wasted on quasi-religious belief in the same authorities that have them selling their entire lives out for the benefit of those few.

Click here to read CopSuckers Corner #3: A Summer of Copsuckers (Video) by Ademo Freeman
Click here to read CopSuckers Corner #3: A Summer of Copsuckers (Video) by Ademo Freeman

The cops are caught in a trap. They need our help. They are also victims of this system. That they are willing is upsetting, but understandable given the lifelong conditioning we all receive. If you have been lucky enough to break your bondage to those implanted ideologies, do whatever you can to rescue cops and those who suckle so sweetly upon them. Rescue them from themselves and the spell they are under. Show them that the world is not all that scary and that there are far worse things than death.

Meanwhile, as a CopBlocker, I receive threats all of the time. Several times a week, sometimes several a day. Yet I risk my life to break the ideological bondage instilled in the masses and am happy to do so. I do not fear death. I fear living in a world that isn’t living at all and is just some kind of maze for the masses used to benefit and portect the megalomaniacal few. Life doesn’t matter at all. How we live it does. If we sacrifice our minds and freedoms and liberties merely to survive than we are no longer living. We are simply existing. And simply existing, simply living, should never be enough for anybody. Death comes to all, we have no choice, but whether we choose to truly live or to just exist is something we can choose. What matters is not just life, but really truly living by the basic liberties which create endless possibilities for humans. Authority is a corner for children to hide in. Stop fearing for your lives and live them, for fucksake.


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Are you a LEO? Click the banner above if you are!

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  • Common Sense

    Hear that, Joshua risks his life….

  • Yodapop

    As do you…as do I…every day, everyone does. That’s a fact, Jack.

  • Mario Kenny

    living in a city over run by police is a liability to human life on a daily basis. .

  • InalienableWrights

    Yes WHY would you take part in violate rights for a living?

    She is definitely a basket case…

  • disqus_Oz92oxXWiZ

    amytime anyone interacts with a poLICE thay are risking there life. As proven a cop can kill you make up some stuff and get away with it. Thay are armed and dangerous

  • Shmuck

    I just found a replacement for my sleep medication. I’d be curious to know in her twenty years , how many bad apples she has turned in ?

  • 0 accountability

    Yes now all lives are at risk when a cop come to the scene. You have a job that is like 15 on dangerous list or something so others are putting it on the line daily as well. you are not getting the worship you once did so cops are crying and not getting their narcissist supply. gross

  • Chumscrubber

    Typical unhinged, deluded, South Florida cop.

  • Joshua H

    I get more direct death threats than any cop does. So is it not putting your life on the line when what you do gets you death threats? If it were a cop getting a single such threat it would be national news.

  • Tetley “17” Coyote

    She doesn’t want any of her accommodations pinned on her? Anyone think she may mean commendations? Fucking deluded moron.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Every time a pig kisses their children goodbye in the morning, I pray their children will never see them again.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Its fucking sickening to listen to these pity pits.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    It’s that pig IQ thing again

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I get a few death threats too, lol. Fuck em.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    #livingfreematters, run with that hashtag. Probably no truer statement has been made.

  • ladygadget

    You know, she bared her thoughts out there for everyone. It’s easy to have a one way response to her remarks. I’d much rather see a conversation between this blogger and this officer in real time. I think a lot might be learned by them and anyone who witnesses it.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    She isn’t near bright enough to even talk to this blogger.

  • Shmuck

    She has two young children that could lose her at any moment. Isn’t that a little selfish on her part ? Then again , she has been a cop for twenty years and still lives. Seems as though it’s not THAT dangerous. With that said , I’m going to play the video again so I can get to sleep faster.

  • Shmuck

    Someone should hug her and tell her that a garbage man , a roofer , and many many other professions have more to worry about not coming home then she does. Night

  • Common Sense

    Whatever you gotta tell yourself.

    I am surprised you were able to comment back from the safety of your bunker…

  • Never Talk to Cops

    So, this moronic officer reproduced, twice. I’m guessing the insemination was by K9, since police mostly
    socialize, or engage in robotic like fake socializing, only among themselves.

  • Never Tallk to Cops

    Yes. Like the U.S. military, the police will present an overwhelming force, the more minor the crime, or not even a crime, the better. This is an old formula. The citizenry, shining a light on
    police stealing, torture, and murder without accountability, has really caught the ire of police with
    their non rational speeches. The population is now moving from shock, grief, and anger as victims of tyranny, to RESOLVE!

  • Shawn

    “When I kiss my children, in the morning, before I go to work, and tell
    them I love them, I don’t know if I am going to be coming back at the
    end of the day. I don’t know, especially nowadays. And um, that’s, it’s
    hard, it’s really hard. But i’m here. Why? Because I care. All lives
    matter. Everyone’s life matters.”

    What a load of horse shit. There are many jobs with far higher risks than those of cop. The danger is in your mind. It isn’t Robocop. Linemen, roofers, convenience store clerks, all go to their jobs that are more hazardous and have less protections, all without the ego tripping of a cop’s “I risk my life.” Well guess what, ALL of us run the risk of not coming home. That is fucking life.

    ” Why? Because I care. All lives
    matter. Everyone’s life matters.”

    Bullshit. When you hammer cops who kill the innocent because of unreasonable and uncontrolled fear, that statement might mean something. But just saying doesn’t make it true. Every time LE lets a cop get away with murder, like the cop using his computer while driving, you say what you think of other people’s lives. Hell, cops hugged the cop who shot his wife in the street, after giving him lots of time to finish the job.

    “Yeah, we all have our bad apples. Who doesn’t? And people forget that.
    When you’re running away from something because you’re in fear for your
    life, we’re running into it.”

    No, we don’t forget it. But we don’t ignore your shitty attitude toward your bad apples. Acceptance and support. LE has made it perfectly clear they will protect any cop. Behavior that would land anyone else in a cell, like good old Harless, and cops just watch act out. Remember the cop who slapped a guy who refused a voluntary search of his car? How did those cops react? They didn’t. They cooperated with illegal activity.
    Your bad apples don’t define you. Your acceptance of them does.

  • curbstomp pigs

    Phugk all PIG’s, frt’,m like beacon. Next….

  • samoanpunch .

    Even worse is the fact that they are not at any more risk of being murdered then the rest of us. But of course Americans and this dumb bitch cop are too stupid to know simple mathematics works even when it’s available in public records.

  • Tom Scott

    Why does she just not quit? The people who join the police are not drafted or forced to serve. If she feels that her life is in danger and people don’t respect police. Just quit and find a new job. That’s what normal people do. So either do your job or quit but don’t complain to everyone else about it.

  • Seriously?

    I am ashamed to have read this article.
    You are lashing out at someone who put a very heart felt response on the internet,
    You disseminated what was probably a good officer, shamed her and her beliefs, and there is no way for this person to defend herself.

    I believe in what you do, bringing accoutability to whom need it. I believe they should be recorded and that the stigma needs to be leveled between both parties.
    But this?
    This is just a call for war, hatred and stupidity.
    Fuck you, writer, for this drivel.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Great article! You put that bitch’s little rant in perfect perspective.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Cry me a river, bitch. Convenience store clerks have a more dangerous job than you do, & they get paid shit! They don’t have bulletproof vests and a Batman belt full of torture devices like you do. Get over yourself you crazy tin star goon.

  • Randy Taylor

    When you say, “My responses..”, it suggests a back and forth, conversational (interrogational?), element that, of course, didn’t exist. A better choice might have been, “My commentary..”. Yes, her video was a clumsy, untethered, rambling mess, and she might possibly have been emotionally unsteady when she made it. Even her decision to make and upload the damn thing in the first place, calls her judgement into question. But man…If we learned anything from Mystery Science Theater 3000, it’s that the guy talking to the screen has a huge advantage. I’d like to see a debate, or at least an interview. How about it CopBlockers? Any chance of that?

  • Common Sense

    Never happen.

  • Matt Dixon

    i’m barfing

  • YomammaaBigHo

    Ambushes are GREAT.

  • Common Sense

    Excellent movie, have you watched it with Stone’s audio commentary?

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Maybe someone can get her to jump on Skype, I’d like to be part of the debate.

  • We are putting our lives out on the line here, because we are going to you, because you need us? If individuals just armed themselves, there would be no need for cops. BTW, cops don’t even make the cut in the top 20 most dangerous jobs. Every time a pig dies an angel gets their wings. Cops just don’t want to be held accountable. Accountability is the war they don’t want in their departments. Phuck the police.. This woman is emotionally unstable ( hence the 104IQ) and in no way should she be policing….

  • You’re an idiot bootlicker!!!!.. Just another cop sucker here folks… Nothing to see here, move along

  • Shawn

    “I am ashamed to have read this article.
    You are lashing out at someone who put a very heart felt response on the internet,
    You disseminated what was probably a good officer, shamed her and her beliefs, and there is no way for this person to defend herself.”

    She did the same thing, trying to attack critics of modern LE.
    If she wants a debate, she has but to only to come to the board. She did what she did because she wanted to control it, to avoid areas of just criticism. She brings out the mythical danger, and the whole rotten apples nonsense.

    A few months ago, a woman cop sent a letter to CB. She was arrogant, self absorbed, then went nuts when it was posted and replied to. They can’t handle debate, because they can’t comprehend the world doesn’t necessarily view things through blue colored glasses. They just get angry at disagreement.

  • Common Sense

    I knew it wouldn’t be long. Accept your Godwin Award.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Well she did put herself out there considering the public scrutiny of police. I think a one on one debate would alleviate that derision.

  • Shawn

    She did a one way diatribe, not wanting to have her illogic have holes poked into it.
    She wants a debate? We let t, common, even JC here. But she is probably more comfortable in an echo chamber like policeone.

  • You’re an idiot

  • Brett Ray

    I’ll go to my local police station and see if I can get a few cops in a room and have a debate with them over some important issues. I BET they won’t do it, most don’t want to know or should say face the truth. It’s not about logic and intelligence to them, it’s all about emotion, compliance and doing as they are told (TRAINED) without thinking or questioning the legitimacy of their actions. The last thing they want is for someone with valid points to show them flaws or shake up their belief system.

    If they did agree to it, you KNOW they would not allow it to be videoed, using the excuse that it may somehow compromise their safety. When in truth they wouldn’t want it just in case it made them look foolish, ignorant or bad in some way. Thus eroding away at their perceived superiority.

    But I’ll try. LOL

  • JC

    Another bullshit story by hotchkin. Is this the best you can do? Take something that means nothing and twist it into a copblock perversion? You really do write fiction.

  • Logic fails

    Police claimn they are so highly trained, educated and intelligent so why don’t they go get another job? Because they know all the shit they complain about is propaganda lies.

    They stay because they are getting fantastic pay, the best benefits of any where and hero worship all while doing next to nothing all day long unless they are on an ego trip bullying someone.

    Logic fails these idiots.

  • Shawn

    Yes, her nonsense means nothing. Glad you finally see that.

  • Naive

    Being vocal against the police in Amerca has become increasingly dangerous. They will and do target people. They might not kill you but they can ruin your life simply by harassing you.

    You are so naive.

  • Ugh!

    Do you want a cookie for your meme obsessions? Or an award? Maybe an “accommodation?”

    You can always be counted on to trot out godwin. Get an new schtick. Even godwin doesn’t use it anymore. Besides It wasn’t even clever in 1995.

  • LOL

    Maybe it was ironical police jargon. Like how the Arbys cry baby cop “responded to the drive thru to purchase a sandwich.” And then “responded inside when she felt for her safety.”

    Police do a lot of responding.

  • Raymond D. Powell

    I experienced this woman as authentic. You have to give her that. She deserves love and respect for having the courage to put herself out there. I agree, there are major differences in the way she sees her place in the world, and the way many of the rest of us see her. But the only way to gain understanding is to have a conversation with each other, not demonize each other. I was very disappointed to see the way she has been belittled and degraded and the so-called “response”. Even though I agree with a lot of the response, it was delivered in a mean spirited way, and that does not make the world a better place.

  • Ugh

    Can you seriously not see the hypocrisy in your statement?

  • Randy Taylor

    Man, the written word was never intended to be used conversationally. My original comment stated only that I would rather see a real time exchange between the blogger and the cop he was shredding, (for saying her job is dangerous). I used the word “debate” in the general sense, with just the two of them participating. Failing that, an interview. My point was and is, if the blogger feels justified to make remarks of this nature, she should be able to address each one on a point by point basis. Am I wrong? Listen, I got no dog in this fight, so I couldn’t care less who comes out on top. When I look at the two sides in this particular distraction, I see nothing from either one that I can identify with

  • Mike TheVet

    I have one simple question for you, Joshua, and please don’t dodge this:

    Have you reported the threats?

  • Common Sense

    I bet I can answer that.

  • Mike TheVet

    Are you Josh? Comprehension is important.

  • Common Sense

    Oh, its always good because its always won.

  • Common Sense

    Rightfully so, I’ll rephrase:

    “I bet I can answer that for Joshua.” Is that better? He will not reply or if he does, it will be with something along the lines of “I would report it but…”

  • Common Sense

    And an example would be?

  • Mike TheVet

    Common. Don’t do this today, please. Just let Josh answer.

  • Hugs all around

    Do you want a hug?

    She is free to stand on any corner any day and start a conversation. She didnt want a convo. She wanted a soliloquy. Respect for making a video? Cops mame propaganda video everyday. She will probably be on the news tomorrow just as she expected.

  • Ugh

    A great many accommodations have been made for you, haven’t they?

  • Common Sense

    Fair enough….He did just posted a new one, maybe he’s on that thread. Perhaps you should get his email from Adam or his site, might be more apt to respond that way. Just sayin’

  • Common Sense

    Clever and original, +3

  • Naive

    Adrian Schoolcraft. Donna Watts.

    These are people who had access to internal police files and were able to show the department was targeting them. Now imagine not having access exactly what sort of lists they have on people who have pissed them off and what they do to them.

    Princess Pembroke Pines Police got Arbys workers fired and their addresses posted because she used internal drivers license info and intimidation to gain it. Losing your job is life changing.

    You know they pull people over all the time and say something like “Oh I know who you are” people who have never been arrested. So why are they so well known to police? Because police departments keep lists on so called sovereign citizens and copblockers and people.who have written to complain or who made videos on YouTube. All of which is legal.

    And cops on here have even admitted to special department codes for people known to be critical of police etc….

    You truly are naive.

  • Herbie Versmells

    Another trash article by hoshua