Allentown Police Arrest Middle Schooler for Jaywalking

banner copblock twitterIt seems Allentown Police Department just can’t get it together. We have reported on them so many times over the last few months, we might need to start a new section just for them. Between attacking people for filming them, to beating up on old men, these guys are as bad as they come. The worst part about this horrible department is, instead of holding the police accountable for their misdeeds, they decided it would be better to go dark to all media and run a PR campaign to settle the masses.

Well it’s kind of hard for the head of Digital Feast (the PR Company) to spin their image, when once again, in the height of their publicity spin (don’t click if you have a weak stomach) , the police have made headlines again! Another old man? No, that would just be too easy. Well how could they possibly have stooped any lower than that? …and cue the child!

Yes, that’s right. Over the past weekend, an Allentown, PA officer decided that he would occupy his boring day by harassing a CHILD! This upstanding cop was doing all he could to protect the community from this dangerous thug. The thug was the worst of the worst by all accounts. I mean come on he was Jaywalking! Someone could have been seriously annoyed by this dangerous violent activity. I mean there has to be a long list of people ready to sign a complaint against him… I surely hope you picked up on the wicked sarcasm rant there because I laid it on pretty heavily.

While I feel this is beyond disturbing and totally serious, I have to just laugh at these clowns. I have been in the middle of this for some time now. I find myself addressing the city council there every week now about the same issues. Its seriously gotten to the point where what else could possibly happen? These cops are not being held accountable at all so why would they change? The Chief of police there is even running away as fast as he can, because even he cannot control these cops.

Square-bannerSo here’s what happened now. A group of middle schoolers were enjoying their weekend by riding their bikes through town. Officer Friendly decides to teach them a lesson for enjoying the town without proper respect to his majesty. He stops one of the kids named Jaquan and begins to lecture and verbally push around this young kid. This was one smart kid though and he was not having it! Jaquan began asserting his rights right away, which made the officers butt hurt pretty bad. After several minutes of playing both good cop and bad cop, by talking nice to the kid on one hand and violating his right to leave on the other, the officer decides to end this kids good weekend by taking him to jail. On what charge you ask? Well jaywalking and obstruction, of course. Somehow in the city of Allentown jaywalking can lead you into a jail cell if you don’t respect their authority, after they harass you for this ridiculous “offense”.

Well this kid just set a record for the smartest kid in history in my opinion. While hanging with his friends he managed to get his college paid for and get a nice car when he gets older, courtesy of the Allentown police department’s 12th lawsuit in less than a year! Somehow the pro police people are still on their Facebook page screaming that they are a good department though! HAHAHA let me please get some sanity into this disgusting, shameless city!

Contact Allentown police (again) here
Or call them (again) at: (610) 437-7751
Contact the district attorney for the town at: (610) 782-3100


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