A Summer of CopBlocking; Video Compilation by Ademo

I spent this summer primarily in Ohio and, though that wasn’t my intention for the summer of 2015, it turned out to be one of the best yet. The folks of various Ohio CopBlock Chapters are some truly dedicated folks. DEO, CopBlock Network contributor and Store manager, is a key factor to Ohio CopBlock’s buzz and deserves a big thanks for all his hard work, as well as several others. So, as summer comes to a close, and we (Brian Sumner and I) start to prepare to take MAC (the Mobile Accountability for Cops RV; launch post coming soon) on the road, I decided to create the video compilation below highlighting our CopBlocking adventures from the past few months.

It’s hard to take nearly 1 TB of footage and compress it into one (short) video. I was trying to get this video into the 8 minute mark but that just seemed too difficult, so I went with the longer version to fit in the additional clips.

If you’d like to learn more about CopBlocking, filming the police or connecting with CopBlockers in your area simply visit the CopBlock.org Resources page. Below are the entire video’s, linked to respective CopBlock.org articles, of some of the clips featured above. I hope you enjoyed this summer as much as I have and we look forward to seeing you in MAC this winter.

Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, "Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights."
Pledge $1/month to help spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

Pulled Over in Warren, OH: 

Outreach to Cops in Indiana:


The Zanesville Saga Continues:

Brelo Protest and Arrest:

Ryan Bollinger Protest & Police Interactions: 


Ademo’s Laugh Laugh: Chalking the DCSD:

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