Sovereign Citizen Beat Down By Ohio Cops

LANCASTER, OHIO- On August 31, 2015 a man was beaten and arrested at the Fairfield County courthouse because he was discussing common law in the hallway. Shawn Cook was awaiting his son’s hearing in the juvenile division of the courthouse when the Fairfield County Ohio sheriff department arrested and then subsequently beat him right in the courthouse.

I have been in contact with the Cook family for a few months. They reached out to Columbus CopBlock regarding another amazingly ridiculous case placed on a member of their household, which I will write about very soon. When we met up to discuss the detail of that, Mr. Shawn Cook was there because the victim in the original case is his son. Mr. Cook is very passionate about individual rights and police abuse and told me the police just don’t like his family. I hear that from just about everyone, “The cops just don’t like me!!!” It usually isn’t true, sometimes you’re just an asshole.

As weeks passed, and incidents built up, I realized the police really don’t like this family. I knew something would happen that would cause me to be able to bring national attention to this situation and I hoped it would not be something violent. It was violent, but thankfully, not fatal – see video below.

The incident in this footage resulted in Mr. Cook facing the following charges:

  • obstructing, felony 5, 2921.31
  • assault, felony 4, 2903.13
  • resisting, misdemeanor 1, 2921.31
  • criminal trespass, misdemeanor 4, 2911.21
  • disorderly, misdemeanor 4, 2917.11

Shawn was in jail for a few days, his bond was set at $25,000 and his family couldn’t afford that very quickly. During his time in the Fairfield County jail Shawn was assaulted by some other inmates. I had no idea this happened at all until I was there earlier today trying to obtain proof to support my claims on this incident. A records clerk mistakenly provided me the wrong incident report, one regarding Mr. Cook being assaulted in jail. There were two perpetrators and one victim, Mr. Cook. It is stated in the officer narrative that Mr. Cook alleged the police themselves orchestrated this attack on him. I believe him. I believe those psychopathic bastards did convince two men to assault Shawn Cook in attempt to silence him or exert authority over him. I believe this is all an intimidation tactic, Fairfield County cops don’t want looked at or questioned, they just want their demented authority respected.

Shawn Cook was arrested, assaulted, traumatized, and assaulted some more just because he would not let his son go to court without support from his dad. Just this morning I was finally able to obtain the surveillance from Fairfield County, OH. Note: There is an exterior surveillance camera above the door Mr Cook was removed through, that footage was not included in my request, a new request is submitted for that footage. I was very excited to come home and watch it. However, when I watched it, I was not excited at all. I was furious. I was emotional. I had to walk away from it. Just a couple hours before watching it, I was right next to those same costumed thugs. I was watching someone’s husband, someone’s father, someone’s son, be tossed around as if his life doesn’t matter. We become somewhat desensitized to the footage of these events because we are bombarded with images of police violence, and even murder, daily. Remember these victims could be you next time. Your child. Your parent. Your spouse.

Call Fairfield County Sheriff Dept and DEMAND these unjust and unlawful charges be dropped, tell them to charge the real criminals, THE COPS 740-652-7900.


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