Austin Bully Cop Jason Mistric Attempts to Intimidate Mom and Baby at Father’s Court Hearing

This article was written and submitted by Catherine Bleish

On Thursday March 8th at 2PM I attended John Bush and Matt Medina’s pretrial hearing for their arrest last winter for filming an officer.  That video is here:

The hearing was reset, nothing special there, but what happened next was beyond strange.

As I’m seated on a bench in the hall outside the courtroom, the man who kidnapped John and Matt, Officer Jason Mistric (badge number #4856) sets down 4 pages of printouts containing facebook conversations about John and Matt’s arrest. Here are the docs he left:

When I chased him down in the hallway and asked him about his action he says its “trash” then tries to have us kicked out of the public hallway.  Here is video of the end of that confrontation:

Next we spoke with the chief of police about the incident.  He kissed our baby and smiled as he made a copy of the facebook printouts assuring us he’d call John.  Here is that interaction :

When I looked closer at the printouts I realized the account he was logged into when he took the screenshots was an account I had conversed with a few weeks back.  In fact the account, “Max Rock”, was an account many of us thought was a cop because it was only commenting on recent Austin arrest videos and asking obvious questions, so of course, I had chatted him up trying to get info.  The conversation was WEIRD and ended with him saying he has many gigs of “screenshots”.  Here is that conversation:

He also chatted up Heather Fazio, I’ll add her conversation once she gives me permission.  I’m not sure what to make of it.  Is he stalking me?  Is he threatening our family?  Was he acting as a rogue officer or was this part of his work?  Creepy.  To the max.

Here is my recap right after the event:

Catherine Bleish, concerned mother and liberty activist

We will be updating this page as more information comes in.  There are also YouTube videos on the way. 


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