NY State Correctional Officer Assaults Cop Blocker — In a Public Park

On Sept. 09, 2015, I was in a public park in Dannemora NY, across the street from Clinton Correctional Facility. CO K. Mullady first hit me in an attempt to knock my cell phone out of my hand, then he proceeded to squeeze my hand trying to take my cell phone. Keep in mind this all happened in a public park across the street from the prison. Then him and the rest of the CO’s blocked me from leaving even after their supervisors radioed to let me leave. This is the second time that State CO’s have assaulted me and kidnapped me. First time can be seen here. Charges filed that same day with Trooper Bresette.  This is the same prison that a staff member and a CO were bribed to let to inmates escape. And just recently under investigation for inmate abuse. It is clear that the whole staff is corrupt and violate law when ever they feel like it. They came off prison property (outside their jurisdiction) and committed multiple crimes. Imagine what they do inside! They are corrupt! In this news story they claim a new prison boss will clean up the prison and staff. The NY Post reported that inmates claim the CO’s have been abusing them. I bet they have after this.

Contact the town court to make sure they prosecute!banner-square store
Hon. Howard Ricky Coryer, Judge
Phone 518-492-7541 extension 105
Fax 518-492-7314




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