Florida Deputy Arrested For Abuse After Beating Four-Year-Old

Deputy Joshua White

Deputy Joshua White, of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested on felony child abuse charges. It seems the 6’0 tall, 206 pound cop loves to beat up on 4-year-old boys. According to police reports, he ‘grabbed’ the boy by the neck and repeatedly slammed the boys head against a ‘hard surface’.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office stated that Deputy White has been ‘relieved of all law enforcement duties’ and that he’s been placed on administrative leave. The Department’s spokesman, Sergeant Rich Aloy, said that Deputy White’s mugshot will not be released because he is a law enforcement officer and that Florida Statutes prohibit releasing certain information.

Luckily, Deputy Joshua White, accused child abuser, was nice enough to have a profile picture listed on his LinkedIn Account. Looking at his LinkedIn account, his current position with SRCSO is the 3rd police department that he has worked for.  In 2006, he worked for the Graceville Police Department for only 7 months, then worked at the Chipley Police Department for 4 months before joining the Marines. He left the military after almost 8 years with the rank of Corporal (being a military veteran myself, it’s highly unusual for anyone to be in the military for 8 years an only achieve the rank of E4).

Please contact the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office and voice your opinion!

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Last month, I posted an article detailing how domestic abuse committed by police officers is up to four times the national average. Simply put, if you are married or dating a cop, you and your children are more likely to be abused, period.

Though the percentage of cops who abuse their family members are estimated to be up to 4x the national average, that number could actually be many times greater. In the civilian world, when a woman is beaten or raped by her husband, she has the option of going to the police – that option isn’t always there for the spouse of a police officer. If the spouse were to file a police report, the report would be taken by the abuser’s co-workers and friends. In those situations, there is no anonymity or protections during the investigative phase and will usually cause the domestic-violence situation at home to only worsen.

Officer-involved domestic abuse is up to 4x the national average.
Officer-involved domestic abuse is up to 4x the national average.

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