Deputy on Paid Leave After Tasing Dispatcher

SanduskySheriff Deputy Mario Calvillo from Sandusky County has been on paid leave since July for “allegedly” tasing a dispatcher for laughing at a joke.

Chief Deputy Bruce Hirt was reported as saying,

The deputy used a Taser to stun a dispatcher after the dispatcher laughed at a joke made by another deputy.

Because Calvillo discharged a weapon inside the dispatch center, it was a serious weapons offense that was thoroughly investigated…

Regardless of Calvillo’s dangerous actions, Hirt went on to say, “No criminal charges will be filed against Calvillo.” Being tased shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It can cause sudden and lethal cardiac arrest, especially in those who already suffer from heart conditions. Out of the 815 people killed by police this year, 42 of those deaths have been caused by tasers.

The incident took place in April of 2015, but the dispatcher was reluctant to bring it up to a supervisor and waited until July to report the incident. Apparently there was some cavil in the dispatch center; I’m sure the dispatcher wasn’t necessarily encouraged to report the incident. And much like when anyone else attempts to report police misconduct, the victim is often the one burdened or even assaulted further.

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This deputy apparently also had a history of misconduct, The News-Messenger reports:

Calvillo’s personnel file shows he was given verbal warnings three times — in 2013 for failing to turn in a daily activity log from May 27 to June 11; failing to submit a crash report from May 30, 2013, and failing to bring his cruiser to the sheriff’s office as scheduled on Sept. 17, 2013.

Calvillo was also responsible for the death of Bryan Jones, who was killed in July, 2010 inside his Ballville Township home. According to reports, Calvillo and his brother (another member of the Sheriff’s tactical response team) fired flash grenades into the living room and shot Jones four times with a shotgun. Family members of Jones said he was on the couch sleeping when deputies arrived. A Sandusky County grand jury did not indict either deputy. As of July, 2015, Jones’s mother and father are still seeking a new trial for the death of their son.

This shows a history of misconduct by this deputy leading up to his tasing of the dispatcher. Police abuse continues to happen when incompetent and violent police officers are protected by unions, commissioners, and colleagues. They are spared punishment, reinstated, placed on paid leave, or given early retirement.  If police officers aren’t held accountable for their actions from the start, do you think they get better or worse over time?

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