Abducted, caged, and robbed by U.S. Border Patrol

On 6-1-11 me and a friend, Logan, were coming back from fishing at Patagonia Lake, in the City of Patagonia (I believe). Logan is a friend of my sons; he wanted to ride back with me in my convertible. When leaving we topped a hill and encountered the same Border Patrol checkpoint and officers that waved us thru on the way to the lake, except this time they were at the road “before” the checkpoint so they were at both sides of my car when we stopped. The k-9 started barking so they asked us to pull up to the check point area and park – we did. We were then told to exit the vehicle, we were placed in handcuffs, then asked if there’s anything in the car that would make his dog bark? He said, “if you don’t tell me I’m going to let my dog tear up your nice BMW”, I said yes, a couple joints of marijuana in a marijuana prescription bottle in my glove box and I informed him I had been approved for a medical Marijuana card and am just waiting for it to come in the mail (which is it did a few days later).

I answered his question but did not give him permission to search my car, though he did anyways. When they retrieved the marijuana I told them about, they still continued to search the rest of my vehicle without asking. They went thru my interior, hood, gas cap, trunk, fishing tackle, fishing bait, and snack and drink bag. The Border Patrol officer with the K-9 then asked if I had anything else he should know about, I said yes, there is a loaded, legal, firearm mounted under my dash and my Concealed Carry Permit (CCW, which I do not even need because anyone without a felony can carry a concealed firearm in Arizona, but I like to be legal) is in my wallet in the middle of the console.

He then got all happy and said “now we got ya for being smugglers at an international border with drugs and firearms”. Logan then informed him the marijuana was his. They said “then we’ll charge you both as co-conspirators to drugs and weapons smuggling at an international border”. Though I had no idea he had marijuana and he had no idea I had a firearm. I again informed him we both have been approved to use medical marijuana and I have a permit for the firearm. He informed me that it doesn’t matter because they are “Feds” and do not have to abide by state laws. I informed him I want my firearm returned and he laughed and said “you can fill out the paperwork just like everyone else but you’ll never get it back, it’ll be in some officer’s collection”. Then Logan was searched then handcuffed, I had the same done after him and was then placed inside the same car with him. The K-9 officer said if I trust him he can pull my car up and leave on the side of the road or he can impound it, so I let him pull it over.

On the way to Border Patrol department we were read our rights by a rookie that barely knew them. Once at the Border Patrol office we were searched again, our belts and shoe strings were taken and we were placed in a fenced in area behind the Border Patrol office. After a few minutes I informed them that “I have medication I need in my car for O.C.D. and anxiety that I will surely need if locked in a box. I also have hypoglycemia and need an Orange Juice or something to snack on so I don’t pass out”. My request were totally ignored.

Then we were taken inside where we were placed in a holding cell with a toilet and an almost empty Igloo water jug. They said they would fill it up but never did. For five hours we listened to them argue about what they could charge us with, they were unsure if they even could charge us with anything at all because we had medical marijuana cards, CCW firearm license, and even our fishing license! We were told if Patagonia Marshall doesn’t want the case they would take us back to my car on the side of the road where they left it.  Sic hours into this ordeal they still had no idea if or with what they could charge us for, to top it off a Superior Border Patrol officer came and questioned the other Border Patrol officers that brought us in because they left the rookie at the checkpoint by himself. Then the Patagonia Marshall showed up and we were individually taken into an office by Border Patrol and sat down at a desk in front of this Marshall and read our rights again and were arrested again by the Patagonia Marshall in the Border Patrol station. This Marshall then proceeded to tell us about how he’s going to take my beautiful BMW convertible and he’ll be driving it as his personal car within a month and if we don’t believe him we need to look at his new Marshall’s truck he’s driving that he confiscated from a drug dealer.

It was constant threats of what they’re going to do with my car and how seriously busted we are from both Patagonia Marshall and Border Patrol threatening to let their dog rip my car up for the hell of it. I asked about getting my legal firearm back and informed I have a CCW permit and he also told me I’ll never see that firearm again, just forget about it. After being arrested by Border Patrol then Patagonia Police, they put us back in the cell for an hour more or so. Only one Border Patrol officer treated us human, his name was J. Makem or Makin or close to that, he finally brought us a small box of juice and some crackers. I informed him at that moment, I need my meds and some food for my health problems, and was again ignored. I asked another guard when we get a phone call, he replied, “you don’t”.

Then they came in and said they’re going to drop us off at our car. We then asked for an arrest report, ticket, information or paperwork that says we were here and arrested by both departments and a receipt for my personal property you took from me, my firearm.  They replied “We have nothing to give you, watch your mail”. We asked “have we been arrested, because if so we want paperwork saying so”, they replied we don’t know, it depends on the D.A., just watch your mail. I asked about a receipt for my firearm and was told “you’ll never see it again so don’t worry about it”. I’m worried! Where will that gun end up? It’s in my name. They pretty much stole my gun from me! Then we were driven back to our cars and released.

As soon as I started my car the “filler cap is open” light came on, we stopped and put gas cap on, light went off, got about 20 more feet, check engine light came on, and stayed on. Had to take it to a few shops, buy a $40 replacement cap that’s not BMW and pay $120 to have dash warning light turned off all because they left my gas cap off my car all day and the seals dried out. I can’t believe this happen to us in our own country. I always follow the laws when I come to someone’s city. I had my fishing license, my gun permit, and a medical marijuana prescription, and my marijuana was in a prescription bottle from a dispensary in California (the state of Arizona charged everyone $300 for their medicine card then blocked the medicine dispensaries from opening, wow what a money maker for them huh). I came as a tourist to their town, legally, with permits for everything they are accusing me of. I need direction, who do I go to for help? I have no paperwork or officers name because they didn’t give them to us or make them visible. What should we do? I feel I was more-less robbed, I was bound, my property was taken without consent or a receipt, and then I was cut loose. With no information or proof that it happen or that my property was stolen from me. If I don’t get a receipt soon I’m going to report it stolen by the Border Patrol to see were that will take me, I don’t know what else to do. They bound us, refused to give us water, my anxiety medication, a phone call, or food, took our legal meds and legal firearm and then dropped us off on the side of a road.

That’s robbery! I would like to at the very least get a receipt for my property that was taken and an arrest or contact report with the names of these officers so I can go get some legal help. We have no idea what we’ve been charged with or for or whom we were charged by. Please help or direct us in the right direction.
– William Stone Jr

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