Fellate the Police – CopSuckers Say the Darndest Things

Have you ever encountered a person who just LOVES law enforcers, no matter what evil they do? In this episode of CopBlock Radio, Derrick J, DEO, Severin, and Ademo share the funniest encounters with these people, called CopSuckers. We hypothesize that these individuals are blinded by an emotional attachment to a friend or family member in law enforcement. Any criticism of the institution or individuals is rejected without consideration because it is seen as an attack on them or their loved ones. This is collectivism at its worst — refusal to acknowledge that individuals are responsible for their actions no matter the uniform they wear. Fortunately, encounters with these people can be as funny as they are revealing. Enjoy some of the best ones in this video: CopSuckers (Long Version)


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Next, we cover a story in which Allentown police harass a 12-year old boy for “jaywalking” (an obvious BS charge) because he was walking with his bike. Fortunately, the young man is smart enough to know not to cooperate and give the police his name, but one of his stupid friends ends up spilling the beans, landing him with a frivolous ticket. The whole thing is an exercise in power. The law enforcer can’t just pick on someone his own size; he has to target children to feel like a tough guy. Watch the video here: Allentown Police Harass 12 Year Old for Jay Walking with Bike

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Finally, we took your calls about strategies for holding police accountable and connecting with other CopBlockers in your local area. We briefly touched on the Virginia law enforcer who is facing murder charges but ran out of time before we could go in-depth. Suffice it to say it is a rare occurrence that a law enforcer finds himself on the wrong side of the law, so perhaps this represents a turning of the tide: too many CopBlockers with too many cameras are holding too many cops accountable for their actions. The ruse can only continue so long before people realize the law enforcers are not there to protect the general public, but are there to protect themselves and their criminal friends from consequences. Of couCopBlock-Radio-Graphicrse, if you still believe that law enforcers are not sociopaths who blindly obey the orders of their masters and sometimes their own violent whims, you can support them with a balloon! This is also a golden opportunity for some epic trolling. Get your video cameras ready, film yourself and others supporting (or not supporting) law enforcement, and share on CopBlock.org/Submit! CopSucker and CopBlocker entries welcome.

Stay tuned for next week when DEO and Derrick J return to bring you the best in CopBlock news, views, and tools that you can use to free yourself from the growing police state. Get interactive! Watch, Listen, Chat, Call, or Skype in every Wednesday night from 7-9p PST.


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