Nine California Cops Beat Teenager For Jaywalking

Stockton Police Beat TeenStockton Police are under fire for their use of force on a teenager. The teenager was walking to his school bus when a Stockton Police officer tried stopping the teenager for jaywalking. According to witnesses, the teenager, who was trying to catch his bus, continued walking. That’s when the officer escalated the situation into a violent confrontation. (Excessive-force has become the norm for  police when making arrests)

As the video starts, you can see one officer pushing and hitting the teenager with his baton, then punching the teenager in the face twice with the baton. Other people in the area begin yelling at the cop, begging him to stop. However, one cannot simply appeal to the ‘kindness’ of an officer.

Four more officers arrive on the scene and violently take the teenager to the ground. Then, another four officers arrive for backup. The situation ended with the teenager being arrested and led off in handcuffs.

This is a developing story. I will update the article once I obtain the police report.

Earlier this year, Stockton  police were caught on video beating another person with a baton. In that video, one officer can been seen holding a man, while the other officer repeatedly beat the man with his baton.


First of all, Jaywalking is a non-violent, no-victim ‘crime’. Nothing that the young teenager did should have constituted a physical beating by 9 police officers. Officers take an oath to ‘protect and serve’. However,  police are under no obligation to do either.

The Stockton California Police Department can be contacted from 8am-5pm (UTC-8am) at (209) 937-8377.