NY State Police Steal Property – Without Any Crime And No Warrant

NY-State-Police-Steal-My-Drone-No-Crime-Committed-No-Victim-Happy-Constitution-DayNY State police are showing a pattern of stealing citizens’ property. This happened on September 17, 2015 at the state capital building in Albany NY. The state police decided that after two hours no crime has been committed but they were stealing my drone anyway. On camera, investigator Ronald R. Pierone Jr admits that no crime has been committed but he is still keeping my property. That is theft according to my lawyer, who has advised me to file a complaint and charges for the theft. I will keep everyone apprised of things as they develop on this story. Call or text the investigator directly at 518-858-9641 and tell him this is unacceptable behavior.

There is another case from a few weeks ago, in this video at a DUI check point. Where the Trooper stole a sticker out of the guys car. The Trooper didn’t like that he had a police PBA sticker and stole it. He reached in through a locked car door and was caught on camera red handed. What will they steal next? Too many people sit back and allow this to happen. Record the police every time and hold them accountable!

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