Oregon City Searches Homes For Legal Marijuana


Far be it from the state to accept the will of its people.  Gresham city officials are threatening home searches and fines for citizens growing pot plants for other people in their residences. Such “home grows” have been legal under Oregon’s medical marijuana program for a decade. But Gresham banned them in May, and is now trying to require home inspections for people listed in the Oregon medical marijuana registry.

Documents show Gresham city officials demanded last month that at least one home grower allow city inspectors into her house—or the city will get a search warrant and issue fines starting at $5,000 a day.  This is an illegal overreach by city officials who are against the legalization despite the fact the people want legalization.

“The city is claiming to be able to prohibit growers from doing what the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act specifically authorizes, In the 10 years since the legislature amended OMMA to authorize non-patients to produce marijuana for patients, no Oregon city has to my knowledge tried so hard to forbid that activity in citizens’ private homes.” According to an attorney for a homeowner who refuses to let the state enter his home without a warrant.

“I am not willing to sell our community for a magic bag of beans or a bag of weed or whatever you want to call it,”  “It helps destroy lives and does not increase the quality of life for families.” Gresham City Council President Jerry Hinton told The Oregonian.

A letter from the city to homeowners reads:

“The purpose of this letter is to schedule an inspection to confirm that the medical marijuana grow site is a personal medical marijuana grow site that complies with city code,” says the letter to a Gresham homeowner. “Thank you in advance for your cooperation.”

Marijuana legalization is a movement that is gaining ground daily. The states that legalize are still trying to exert control over people with their overreaching power, so that even though it becomes legal, they can still control people. I have said before that these people made their money on marijuana. They chose to spend it on law enforcement. Now they deserve squat! As usual, their threats are backed by the violence that comes with state regulation.

Regardless of the legal staus of Marijuana, the state still has the same agenda.The city of Gresham spokesman Robin Franzen Parker says city inspectors are trying to keep weed businesses from being run in the house next door.

“The City’s code aims to maintain neighborhood livability and prevent medical marijuana businesses from operating in residential neighborhoods,” she says. “Our desire with respect to inspections is to always try to gain voluntary compliance without fines.”

Where’s the freedom?

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Chuck U Farley

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