Report By Local News Channel Proves Texas Cops Lie, And Get Away With It!

An in depth report by The Daily KOS shows an entire Texas Sheriff’s department complicit in the lies perpetrated by one of their deputies. Officer Daniel Willis shot and killed Yvette Smith at her front door with two bullets from an AR-15.  The thing is, she was the one who called 911.

First off, Smith called 911 for help because two men in her home were arguing over a financial dispute and she felt it was getting out of hand. She had nothing to do with the dispute and was an innocent bystander—a victim, even. When the police showed up, both men were already in the front yard and it appeared that the dispute was settled. This should’ve been case closed, but it wasn’t.

When Smith opened the front door of her home, she was shot twice with a high-powered .223 caliber rifle in less than two seconds by Officer Daniel Willis of Bastrop County, Texas, outside of Austin.

The lies and the coverup began immediately. The entire department was involved.

This is the statement issued by the police immediately following her death:

Yvette Smith Shooting – First Police Statement by hsiehnation

They claim she had a gun, that was a lie! They claim they feared for their lives, that was a lie! Officer Gaskamp would later testify in court that his recollection of giving her commands to “show her hands” were a “figment of his imagination,” after seeing the dashcam video and hearing other recordings of the shooting.

Officer Willis’ statements in his initial reports as well as Gaskamp’s, were backed up by every member of the police force that was there. It was then backed by his superiors in so far as they issued the press release. If this is possible in Texas, what makes you think it doesn’t go on in other departments?

I am personally sick and tired of cops and copsuckers alike who like to try to discredit every single thing we write about here. Here is a clear story, where it has been discovered that an entire department lied as if it was standard operating procedure. How many times have they done it before? Since? What happens now?

No one has been held accountable for any of what you have just read to date. Not one officer has been reprimanded, aside from the officers who tried to amend Officer Willis’ field training records after the shooting in an effort to make sure the records were completed accurately. A lieutenant and a sergeant were demoted to patrol deputy and five additional supervisors also faced disciplinary action because of the record changes, but Officer Willis has yet to be brought to justice. Officer Gaskamp has yet to be brought to justice. The Sheriff who issued the press release intended to smear the deceased’s good name was never brought to justice. So what have any police, or police sympathizers to say to that?

I recently had an Ex police chief tell me he didn’t want to appear on CopBlock Radio. His reasoning?
While I know there are people associated with cop block that are trying to fix problems there are also many people with an agenda that really just hates cops for the sake of hating cops.” I’d say that is the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t you?


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