Texas Highway Patrol Bullying


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Date of Interaction: January 30, 2015
Police Employees Involved: Vehicles # 003321 and 04522
Police Department Involved: Texas State Highway Patrol


TexasHighwayPatrolOn January 30, 2015, my wife and I were driving south on I-35 from Waco to Belton to pick up our daughter from the hospital. As we approached mile marker 308, in the slow lane, two state trooper vehicles came up behind us and tailgated us. The vehicle numbers were 003321 and 04522. As we drove the speed limit, the two troopers got in the fast lane to pass those in the slow lane.

I got behind them to follow them, at a safe distance, as they did not have their lights on and were not pulling anyone over. They started to pull ahead of me and it was apparent that they were going quite fast. Since there was no emergency and they were breaking the law, I decided to keep up with them, again at a safe distance, to see how fast they were going. They got up to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and held there (80 mph in a 60 mph zone).

As they were doing this, I noticed the rear vehicle swerving over and straddling the line between two lanes, because he was on his computer. He did this for over a mile. At one point the troopers took notice of me keeping up with them. One of the vehicles slowed way down to get behind me. I slowed down with him (to the speed limit).

banner420When he could not get behind me easily, he hit his brakes in an unsafe manner to slow down rapidly and get in the lane behind me. As I continued to follow the speed limit, there was no reason for him to pull me over. Instead, the other trooper in the car ahead slowed way down as well. Both of them were trying to intimidate me. By the time we had gotten to mile marker 293, they were both extremely close to my vehicle on the highway. After about 3/4 mile of no action, they both got in the fast lane and sped away.

This is unsafe, bullying behavior by law enforcement officers hired to keep our roads and interstates safe. These two state troopers made me feel 1) unsafe for my life when they tailgated me doing the speed limit, 2) unsafe for my life and the lives of others when one was on his computer while driving, 3) unsafe driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, and 4) upset that they would try to intimidate me. This is unacceptable behavior and contributes to the idea that law enforcement officers are bullies who abuse the authority granted to them by the public.

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