San Diego Activist Group Tracks Hate Mail to Sheriff’s Department

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has launched an internal investigation following a message received by United Against Police Terror San Diego.  The message was received via email from the groups website contact form, and sent from a sheriff’s employee’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, particularly the Communication Center located at 5555 Overland Ave, in Building 12.

The Sheriff’s Department told Voices of San Diego:

“It appears the email came from a Sheriff’s Department IP address. We are taking this very seriously and an internal investigation is underway to determine where, how and who it came from. As such, we are unable to provide any additional information at this time, but we are taking this matter very seriously.

The group is an outspoken critic of police brutality.

The email read:

Fuck You, You Stupid Pieces of Shit

Man. You guys got some straight up hate on this website.  And a whole 2k of the millions of residents and law abiding citezns [sic] in San Diego County actually like you on Facebook.  That makes sense though.  Because this website is a bunch of stupid bullshit.  The police aren’t the problem.  It’s the criminals out there victimizing the real citezens [sic] of this country that are the problem. The decriminalizing of theft and drugs which is the root of more then [sic] half of crime.  And thank god for gang injunctions and gang documenting procedures.  This allows the judicial system the tools to get extremely violent people off the street for good.  They keep us safe. Look at Ferguson for christ’s sake.  They protest police by destroying their town.  Attacking each other.  Looting and stealing from hard working business [sic] owners.  Animals. No values. No common sense. Just greed and hate. The real citezens [sic] of this county and nation.  The ones who don’t commit crimes and work hard. The ones who pay taxes. Don’t commit crimes and don’t accept government welfare love the police and want the police they do more good then [sic] evil. You crazy ass people with your bullshit propaganda can shove it up your ass.  You will never succeed, because there are too many of us and too little of you.  The good people of this county and country will always prevail over scum like you.  Good luck, you’re going to need it.

This message isn’t anything new for police or the internet.  The author illustrates a common “Us vs Them” mentality among police officers that dehumanizes the people they claim to serve.  The “thin blue line” culture is intolerant of dissent, drawing a line between the “real citezens [sic]” and those not worthy of police protection, common decency, dignity or life.

Catherine Mendonca of UAPTSD said, “I really do hope that the broader discussion of why we’re a target can happen #SDSTOLENLIVES need #Justice“.

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