Cop Acts Unprofessional During Traffic Stop

While heading back from the Plymouth State College open carry protest, Derrick J and car occupants (myself included), were pulled over by J. Harrington (badge #1) of the Manchester Police department. Above is the the video of that encounter, edited by Derrick. Check out his website Live Free or Dance.

The police officer in this video opens the car door during the traffic stop. This is illegal because the officer has no probable cause to start a search of the vehicle. Furthermore, the officer lacks any level of professionalism during the stop, as is highlighted when he refuses to answer Derrick’s questions and instead just launches his paper threats (fine) through the window.

Is this the customer service you expect from Cops?

Earlier that day I also outed an undercover Cop while Pete and I questioned several officer who were on Plymouth State College property to prevent two activist from conceal carrying guns on State property. See video below.

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Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

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  • JL Turner

    Judas H Priest buy some WD40 for the door hing before the pins rust out and your door falls off.

  • din365

    They’ll look for any excuses to ticket you, even take the word of a blatent liar to do it.

    I had a cop come to my door 4 days after an alleged incident, and write me a ticket for allegedly running a stop sign and allegedly cutting off a semi with an end up trailer. Now, the funny thing is that the semi driver who reported me said he couldn’t see the driver because the,and I quote “my roof was blocking his view” and couldn’t even see if I even had any passengers or not, then contradicts himself by identifying the driver as male, adamantly told the cop that my truck had “high seats” in it,and followed me into town and turned left in front of him, in spite of having to “slam on his brakes”.

    First off, i wasn’t driving a little pisspot honda or some shit. I was driving a ford ranger,that actually sits almost 2 feet off the ground, and the driver’s view is about 5 feet, and the average Semi sits about 9 feet of driver’s view in the air. with the whole seat thing and implying the driver is male, he basically screwed his whole story all together. second of all, Semis don’t have all that great acceleration, even without hills. what makes him think a semi is going to be able to accelerate and keep up with a truck that would be up and gone at 100 (kms/h) before it even hits 80 again(kms/h), especially on a hill?
    third of all, if the semi, with a trailer, had to slam on it’s brakes, then how come there weren’t any fresh skid duallie marks on the road, and how come nobody at the shop,which was only an 1/8th of a mile away, even heard such a behemoth slam on it’s brakes?

    Remember, i’m taking this from this guy’s verson of events. not mine. even as I type this, there’s people who probably think this is bullshit and I’m making this up. But nope. this is what this guy is claiming, and the cops didn’t even catch the BS, or didn’t even care. What made me mad was the fact that the Cop basically did everything he could to avoid answering the question of exactly what intersection and what time of day this occured, because this asshole most likely did not want me investigating it, and hoped i just would pay the 287 dollars for something that didn’t even happen. but, guess what? I still plead not guilty, I STILL got the full disclosure from the crown prosecutor, and I found out exactly why this cop was hoping I would just pay it. The Cop knows that if this is challenged in court, they will get destroyed, and I will keep my 287$.

    with ZERO physical evidence,1 retard’s word, and a cop like that, it’s probably going to get thrown out.

  • Common Sense

    ha ha ha…Derrick J is such a dipshit…

    totally owned by a traffic cop…ha ha ha


    Unprofessional??? Other than us arguing over him opening your door, I think he was very professional. Answered all sorts of questions that he didn’t have to. Explain the citation and course of action you needed to take. Obviously got fed up with your questioning game.

  • Andy

    I look forward to the day when we can shoot these motherfuckers. Time to get that flame thrower.

  • Lurker

    What was unprofessional about him? You peppered him with stupid questions and he left. He explained the citation in detail and explained why you got it.

  • Dustin

    Yanking the door open was way out of line. The rest looked legit… Lock your door. Derp.

  • Andy says: I look forward to the day when we can shoot these motherfuckers.

    Andy, I am as critical of cops as anyone on this site… but please, take that elsewhere.

  • Derekdoubleut

    The occupants of the car acted like complete d-bags. Officer was extremely professional. If you do not know the rules you are violating, then open some V&T law books and get to learning them.
    Anyone with half-a-brain knows if one registers a vehicle in an inspection state, the car NEEDS TO BE INSPECTED. The DMV tells everyone who registers a vehicle this information at the time of registration.
    Derrick J is a naive tool of the Free Staters. Get a better car, too. Cripes. How much weed will fall out if you shook out the mats? Ha!
    A traffic stop is not the time to challenge the ticket. Enjoy court. Oh wait, Ian will not be there.

  • terry

    dumb arrogant cop. guys love your videos. rule 1 I learned from you guys keep doors locked when approached by cops.

  • Anstrop Jameson

    Trolls gonna troll. Roll down your fucking window and he wont open your door.

  • the redcoats now wear black

    same shit happened to me with the sticker bull shit.. only my sticker was displayed and it was valid until the next month. i have photos showing the sticker was valid at the time with the vin numbers matching my vehicle. i was also ripped out of my car and they tore my car apart.. I was arrested and charged with the sticker and a minor possession charge. Your lucky… This cop seemed like a nice guy. Lucky you didn’t get the psycho, wanna be, super man cops, i got kidnapped and car jacked by.

  • Lurker

    The only reason he opened the door was because you didn’t open your window enough. Regardless, he didn’t allow himself to be baited by you. Another of Derrick’s videos where he looks like the jackass and the police are professional.

  • Ton

    Lurker …agreed 100%! CopBlock should be ashamed for releasing this brainless video by this half-witted fool! The cop was professional and patient. He was doing his job …enforcing the laws that he did not write. Get a job, get the vehicle inspected, pay the fine and life is good!

    This guy Derrick appears to mentally unstable and apparently delusional.

    This whole group (CopBlock)should rewrite the battle plan and fire the general. CopBlock = the “fool brigade”.

  • t.

    As always, ANDY is a freaking idiot.

    Stop was good. Very professional. I wouldn’t have opened the door. I would have made you getmoutmof the car and dealt with you there. The “only open the window and inch” game is just stupid. Almost as stupid as “Am I being detained?”

    As for the narrative in the video. Where did you see that He,s so pissed?”. He didn’t stand there and listen to your stupidity, so that means he’s pissed off? Please.

  • Torrie

    Yea I gotta say that you were not proving a single thing by what you did other than give the cop a hard time. That cop was actually being very civil with you and you were being a jerk dude completely unnecessary. If he had ripped you outta the car for that then that’d be a different story but if your car is regestered in the state you gotta abide by the state laws unless you mean to change them which is a completely different matter all together. Fact of the matter you were in the wrong and not all cops are dicks some of them actually believe in the well being of people, so maybe you shouldn’t discriminate just cuz they a cop but rather if they’re power hungry cocks that abuse they’re power.

  • dow daytrader

    this video makes cop block look stupid. Cops viewing this video are laughing their asses off at how brain-dead you guys appear.

  • Bob

    Doesn’t anyone from copblock edit these videos before putting them out for everyone to see? I guess you just enjoy making yourself look like an idiot. What a shame. I hope not everyone from copblock is as incompetent as this clown. Is he the same sissy that was running down the street to get away from the cops and showing what a coward he really is?

  • Ton

    CopBlock is counterproductive and this video is asinine. The drive was a complete asshole and the person telling him NOT to answer questions should be shackled. This video makes ZERO sense and the people in the car appeared to be confrontational right from the beginning.

  • Henryk

    The cop had no choice to be correct after breaking and entering.

  • eddy mcballbag

    hey t, would you of planted anything on them as well if you didn’t want to be sued by them after you tore their vehicle apart and after you ripped them out of it for no good reason?…. however i do think that this cop acted extremely appropriate.

  • t.

    @eddy balls: Huh? Did you go to school with WOLF and KIM? Apparently so as you seem to suffer from the same reading comprehension problems that they have. I say that I would have gotten the driver out of the car and dealt with him there. YOU say “after you (I) ripped them out of the car for no good reason?”. (If you can’t see it, those aren’t the same things)
    But you see, that’s the risk they / you run with the silly ass “my window is open sir” game. Play that with me and it’s OK scooter, step out of the car.

    “Planted anything on them.” I seriously doubt that in would have to “plant” anything on that bunch of dope lovers.

  • Henryk

    I had to add another thought about this stop, the cop had time to read stickers while driving? Are you kidding me? And also he was telling the driver I can do whatever I want to do. Oh yes, I can also be correct and tell you in a professional tone how to dispose of the traffic ticket. If you this this is professional you belong in the blue with him.

  • t.

    HenryK: Did you go to school with eddy balls? He has reading comprehension issues and you apparently have either hearing problems or an overactive imagination / lying problem. Because unless you watched more of this video than is posted here, the officer NEVER says ANYTHING about he “can do anything I (he) want(s) to do”. Are YOU kidding me?

    As for the inspection stickers, they usually have either really large expiration numbers or different colors that are intended to be seen from the front as the car is gong by.

    No conspiracy here. Just 1 professional cop and 4 dips in a car.

  • RJ

    “Did I sign anything that obligated me to inspection?”
    Firstly – You, hopefully, signed to get your drivers license.
    Secondly – If you signed ownership papers for the car that’s you confirming you understand your obligation to have the vehicle inspected if you intend do drive it on public formed roads.

    You’re just a bunch of toddlers who lock themselves in mummies car because she wont buy you a lollipop.
    Get, a, fucking, grip.

  • olscratch

    Your stupid window games, reminds me of someone holding their hand in inch from your face saying, “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you!”

    Grow up.