Cop Acts Unprofessional During Traffic Stop

While heading back from the Plymouth State College open carry protest, Derrick J and car occupants (myself included), were pulled over by J. Harrington (badge #1) of the Manchester Police department. Above is the the video of that encounter, edited by Derrick. Check out his website Live Free or Dance.

The police officer in this video opens the car door during the traffic stop. This is illegal because the officer has no probable cause to start a search of the vehicle. Furthermore, the officer lacks any level of professionalism during the stop, as is highlighted when he refuses to answer Derrick’s questions and instead just launches his paper threats (fine) through the window.

Is this the customer service you expect from Cops?

Earlier that day I also outed an undercover Cop while Pete and I questioned several officer who were on Plymouth State College property to prevent two activist from conceal carrying guns on State property. See video below.

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Ademo Freeman

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