This Is How To School The Police

This class took place at the NY State Police Troop G Headquarters in Latham NY.  It is clear that the system is broken. Too many State Police don’t even know the basics. Or if they do know what is right they are willing to break the law for their own agenda. Over the past few weeks I have posted a couple videos of them stealing and now clearly stating they do not care about the supreme court and the law.

banner-square storeWhen I started this journey of looking into the police I thought that there were only a few bad ones. Now I would love for someone to show me a good one. Here the main Trooper Fougere had a look of hate and anger. He clearly wanted to use violence against me. All because he did not get his way. He did not care what the supreme court has said. He doesn’t care what the law is. These are the same people we give so much unchecked power to….

The second Trooper Maniscalco just stood there and watched as the first trooper tried violating my rights. Did he speak up or stand up to the bad (ignorant) cop? No he just stood there watching. It took a Sgt. who was worried about making the lawsuit bigger. They don’t care about the law and are too quick to resort to violence. When is enough going to be enough?


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