Mark Passio: Police and The Cult Of Ultimate Evil

The video accompanying this post was submitted by Matt Johnson, via the Submissions page. It consists of a presentation which Mark Passio, of, gave at the “Free Your Mind 3” Conference in 2015. In this lecture, Passio explains his belief that order-followers within the police and military are members of a worldwide cult that is destroying human freedom.


DUMBASSThe main goal of my submission of this post/video is for the information being put forward in the video to be as widely spread as possible, to get into as many minds as possible, and ultimately to induce as many cops/soldiers as possible to quit their jobs due to the dissemination of this knowledge.

The gloves are off, folks. It’s time for people to stop giving respect and legitimacy to people who are a part of these institutions and it’s time to look at their behaviors very fundamentally and start calling it what it REALLY is: A CULT.

Watch this video in its entirety and pass it on to anyone you know who belongs this cult. This would be an ultimate test of TRUE COURAGE for them.

Please, please, please watch this whole video.

Matt Johnson

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