Ironic Radio Intro

Recently, I was a guest on a local radio show — The Gary Snyder Show.  His show is about politics and sports and basically anything local.  It airs on WBAT 1400.  He is a great radio host, but that is beside the point.  He had me on for the third time a little over a week ago to talk about my book, Technically That’s Illegal, and more stupid laws that I’ve been keeping up with on my blog.  Anyway, while I was waiting on the phone for my turn, the station was going through some of their news segments.  I thought it was funny that one of the things that they announced just prior to me coming on was this warning about sobriety checkpoints.  I didn’t address it on the air with him at the time, but I thought it was amusing enough to share with you folks.

You can listen to the entire interview here.






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