35 Cops Arrest 9 And Taser 1 Over ‘Obnoxious Party’

Scene From Project X

A large neighborhood block party took a turn for the worst when 35 of Grand Rapids’ finest arrived on scene over a citizen’s complaint of an ‘obnoxious party’. A resident inside the house was arrested after she refused to turn down the music, or more accurately, contempt of cop.

If you listen to the police, this neighborhood party sounds like something out of the Project X movie. However, this was nothing more than a block party until police showed up, demanding the participants obey their every command.

GRPD Press Release

When the video starts off, the officer appears to play the ‘good guy’, saying he didn’t want to ruin her night by giving her a ticket. He informed the woman that the partygoers were on the sidewalk and violating a city ordinance by ‘talking too loud’.

After the officer demanded that she send all the partygoers home, she questioned how she could force people to go to their own homes.

“Well, I can’t really tell everybody to go home,” the woman said.

“Well, you’ve kind of got to,” an officer replied.

In all, more than 25 police officers responded to the incident from 3 different police agencies, including the Michigan State Police, Kentwood Police Department, and East Grand Rapids Police Department.

GRPD Sgt. Terry Dixon said the video is the department’s best account of what happened, but he did not comment on whether the officers acted appropriately.

“At this point, we do have an active investigation going on internal affairs,” he said. “They are going to determine exactly what took place here and then present their findings at a later date.”

Dixon said that some people at the party did suffer injuries during the chaos, but exactly how many people were hurt and the severity of their injuries is unclear.

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