Border Patrol Agent Arrested After Pulling Gun On Passing Motorist

Customs and Border Protection Officer Michael Roscover was arrested after a motorist claimed he pulled out at gun and pointed it at him.

The incident, which occurred on October 1, 2015, was reported to the Laredo Police Department. On October 5, Officer Roscover was arrested and charged with ‘Deadly Conduct’, which is a misdemeanor.

Officer Roscover had been with Customs and Border Protection for 11 years and was assigned to the Laredo Port of Entry. He is currently assigned to ‘administrative duties’.

The CBP issued this statement:

Officer Michael Roscover
Michael Roscover

“On October 5, 2015, a CBP officer assigned to U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Laredo Port of Entry was arrested by Laredo Police officers on a charge of deadly conduct, a Class A misdemeanor.

The officer, age 50, has been employed with CBP for 11 years and is currently assigned to administrative duties.

All questions relative to the case would be best directed to the Laredo Police Department.

CBP stresses honor and integrity in every aspect of our mission. We fully cooperate with any criminal or administrative investigation of alleged misconduct by any of our personnel, on or off duty.”

This Type Of Behavior Is On The Rise

Just in the past few months alone, several police officers have been arrested on similar charges of either pulling out their weapons and threatening someone, or actually firing their weapon at innocent people.

  • In September, Officer Kenneth Sheka became so enraged that a woman refused his sexual advances, he fired his pistol into a wall. Officer Sheka was charged with ‘Deadly Conduct’, but unlike the Customs Officer, Sheka was charged with a 3rd degree felony.
  • In August, Deputy Justin Watson was indicted over an earlier incident where he pulled out his unloaded pistol and placed it to the back of a man’s head and pulled the trigger. This was done in an attempt to intimidate the man into not testifying at court.
  • In July, Officer  Fred Puryear, who was intoxicated at the time, pulled his weapon on his neighbor, who had stopped to make sure he was okay. The officer faces 14 charges over the incident, including at least one felony charge.
  • In June, Deputy Thomas Jones Thompson was arrested after pulling his weapon on a motorist, whom he was trying to stop in his own personal vehicle.  He was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Firearm and Improper Exhibition of a Firearm.

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