Jailhouse Video Of Matthew Ajibade’s Death At The Hands Of Sheriff’s Deputies

The involuntary manslaughter trial is currently underway for two former Chatham County Jail workers and a nurse. Deputy Jason Kenny, Deputy Maxine Evans, and Nurse Gregory Brown are charged with involuntary manslaughter in the murder of 21-year-old Matthew Ajibade. (For the previous article, click here)

According to the medical examiner, the beatings he received from the deputies and the restraint chair directly led to his death. Ajibade’s death was ruled a homicide.

Matthew AjibadeMatthew Ajibade was previously diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and was considered mentally ill. However, the SCMPD arresting officer admitted to mistakenly filling out the intake form, stating that Ajibade did not have any mental disorders – this was despite the fact he was given Bipolar Disorder medication for intended for Ajibade to take while in jail. (Read The Full Indictment)

After being severely beaten by deputies, Ajibade was strapped down in restraints and left alone for over an hour and a half – at which point, he was found dead.

Ajibade Murdered For ‘Contempt Of Cop’

The video starts out by showing Ajibade and deputies arguing because Ajibade did not want to sit down, then, reinforcements were called in. Deputy Greg Capers and Deputy Eric Vinson can be seen punching and kicking Ajibade, with Corporal Jason Kenny tasing Ajibade at least 4 times.

Deputy Kenny, who shocked Ajibade with a Tazer after he had been restrained, as well as Evans and Brown, who are accused of neglecting to check his medical condition, were charged for policy and procedure violations that prosecutors say contributed to Ajibade’s death.

Nine deputies in Georgia were fired over the death of a black inmate who had been placed in restraints, officials said. Pictured from top, left to right: Paul Folsome, Frederick Burke, Eric Vinson,Burt Ambrose, Andrew Evans-Martinez, bottom left to right, Jason Kenny, Maxine Evans, Christopher Reed, and Abram Burns are pictured.


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