Police Ram Suspect With Truck, Then Taser And Beat Him As He’s Bleeding

On June 4th, Albuquerque police set their sights on 33-year-old Danan Gabaldon. It was decided they would get their man at all costs – either dead or alive. Undercover officers confronted Gabaldon that day. APD claims that the hit two undercover cars with a stolen vehicle. As Gabaldon fled the scene, APD officers tried killing Gabaldon by firing dozens of shots into his vehicle.

Somehow, Gabaldon managed to escape, once again, as he ran down the road on foot. That’s when one undercover officer decided to end the chase on his own terms. The APD officer hopped in his truck, gunned it, and violently slammed into Gabaldon. Once on the ground, Gabaldon was beaten by the undercover officers, all the while being tasered several times. At one point in the video, you can see the taser being pressed firmly into his neck, as the officer repeatedly pulls the trigger.

Danan Gabaldon Mug Shot
Danan Gabaldon Mug Shot

I don’t think anyone would question whether or not Gabaldon is a ‘bad guy’. But the question now is, did officers use excessive force? At what point are officers allowed to use non-conventional means to apprehend a suspect? Running over a fleeing suspect with your own vehicle is the same as shooting a fleeing person in the back – it’s a cowardly move. APD just reached a ‘settlement’ last year with the Department of Justice after a rash of police brutality complaints (and murders) made national news. This ‘settlement’ was suppose to overhaul APD’s use of force – apparently, it’s not worked as of yet.

But, I would care to guess that in today’s ‘comply or die’ police mentality, it really doesn’t matter what the correct answer is. You’re pretty much allowed to run over (or shoot) anyone you please. – Whether it’s because you’ve had a bad day, or weight 300lbs and are simply too fat to chase anyone but a drive-thru teller.

lastly, if you’re wondering why it took so long for APD to release the video, well, they had to hide the cowards’ faces in the video. It also appears that APD, or the ‘pixel police’ as they are know, also edited a bystanders video that you can see below.