I’m Not Food to be Preyed Upon by the Police State

The “police” treat their fellow citizens as prey. The “police” are reliant on us allowing them to victimize us. They make eighty grand a year on the backs of politicians’ dictates and our refusal to resist. And the cop’s wife is reliant on us believing in the myth of “hero cops,” so her husband is never recognized for the criminal he is.

This shouldn’t happen. And it can’t be allowed to continue to happen. Not if there is to be a future for anyone other than the cop and his wife.

It is a travesty to the very concept of justice that we should allow ourselves to be violated so former high school QB’s or bullies (who never studied) can have cute little careers, and the former head cheerleader – whose daddy was in the army (and who never grew out of being sexually aroused by being with a man who beats weaker men) – can be married to a simpleton and believe him a hero, and also have a nice little life, being a respected member of the community, when in fact they deserve the exact opposite position in life.

police state graphThe “police” are what they are. “The police” enforce the “law.” The “police” are quite fine with using violence for very trivial matters. They will “pull you over” – and kill you if you resist – over “traffic laws”! That is kind of their thing. Really, just a broken tail light will lead to your death if you don’t acquiesce.

I suppose if one is a Statist that all seems reasonable. You think it’s OK to smoke some dope? Well, so do we, but the “police” will beat the ever-loving shit out of you for it! And then claim “It’s not our fault, we don’t make the laws we just enforce them.”

And when someone gets tired of this “relationship” and caps one of these un-thinking thugs, out come the bagpipes, the flag-draped coffin, and the cop’s wife, to cry about how un-fair and tragic it was that someone wasn’t okay with being fucked with and valued themselves at least as much, if not more, than her crew cut, limp-dicked husband’s paycheck.

800px-Handcuffed_hands_line_drawingQuit simply, cops and their supporters need to all go move to another place and act out their fetish by arresting each other! Because this shit is going to stop. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t put on this earth so they can play costume dress up and feel important. I’m not food! I’m not their means to an end. And if they keep fucking with Americans long enough (and they intend to continue until they are forced to stop) I and others like me will be the end to their means, in an entirely different manner than they intend.

Just for the record, let me quickly recount all of my interactions with “Law Enforcement.”

  1. I had to watch a cop rob a family member.
  2. I got stopped and detained while walking my beagle because I was a “fitting a description” (it was two-thirty in the morning in an affluent part of Las Vegas, they were chasing a man who had supposedly stolen a motorcycle and taken them on a high-speed chase, ditched his bike, and taken off on foot. I was wearing pajamas and walking an eleven month-old puppy. So I guess I must have really been planning ahead to confuse them.)
  3. The Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force didn’t like my Facebook post about cops deserving what they get when they kill innocent people and investigate each other and find that they did nothing wrong.

That’s it. I’m not a master criminal. I’m just a “punk” with an education in American History and a keyboard. And I can tell you that’s more than enough to make one hate these motherfuckers from a philosophical position and REALLY more than enough to give one a righteous sense of indignation – without even bringing up Waco, Ruby Ridge, Erik Scott, Eric Garner, the baby who needed its face burned off, and all of the dead dogs, who wagged their tails a little too enthusiastically in the wrong direction.

I don’t need their “service.” I don’t want anything to do with them. I don’t recognize their authority over me. And I’m tired of them and their wives pretending like they are doing us all a favor.

Ms Piggy CopSuckerDo some fucking thinking, Miss Piggy. Remember for a second that uniforms don’t give EVERYONE lady boners or grant extra rights. Remember for a second that some of us understood the Declaration of Independence, the First, Second, Fourth, and Ninth Amendments. Remember that some of us have a basic instinct toward human dignity which does not visualize the ethos of “comply or die.” Remember that some of us don’t make our value judgments in life based on CSI episodes.

Once you learn that, maybe we can come to a place of understanding. But truthfully – there is NO way that I can see that cops and their supporters and I and my friends can live on the terms the “state” and their “enforcers” (cops) have defined for us. Because I’m not food and the terms that we have been given permission to live upon is that we are property. Fit only for a shearing and a milking. And whenever we forget this we are reminded what happens to un-cooperative farm animals.

What else are we to take from these words: “You need to comply with the officers, whether you are wrong or right”? Bull-fucking-shit! I’m not a slave. I’m not a criminal. I have rights as a human being, from my creator. And many of these human or God-given rights are specifically protected by the very document these cops claim to derive their authority from. “Officer Safety” means less than >shit< to me. And as a result, cops lives mean less than >shit< to me because they willingly choose to be a part of the system that victimizes their fellow human beings for a paycheck. Get a respectable job, Officer. Go rob a bank.


Rarest Ww2 Us Army Mp Police Visor Hat -exclusivaly Made For Nurnberg Trial,1946 picture
Rarest Ww2 Us Army Mp Police Visor Hat -exclusivaly Made For Nurnberg Trial,1946

Palestine Jewish Settlement Police/notrim Troko Tropical Military Hat 1930s-40s picture
Palestine Jewish Settlement Police/notrim Troko Tropical Military Hat 1930s-40s

Vintage 1950's Police Hat - Father Of Former Musician picture
Vintage 1950's Police Hat - Father Of Former Musician

Cia Mini Pin Central Intelligence Agency Us Agent Lapel Badge Hat Tie Tack picture
Cia Mini Pin Central Intelligence Agency Us Agent Lapel Badge Hat Tie Tack

Seal Of The President Of The United States Mini Pin Hat Lapel Badge Tie Tack picture
Seal Of The President Of The United States Mini Pin Hat Lapel Badge Tie Tack