“Hello Everybody!” – Open Letter to Federal Agents Surveilling Activists

Hello folks. Hello Greater Cleveland CopBlock, Ohio CopBlock. Hello to all copblockers everywhere. Hello FBI, DEA, DOJ. Hello police in Cleveland, Parma, and all surrounding police departments.  Hello president Obama, Mrs Obama. Hello NSA, CIA,  and all the other entities that are listening. Maybe I should explain a little, huh?

It’s me, DEO again. I was informed by my attorney today that I am on a federal watchlist of some kind. So I just wanted to say hi to everyone that might be monitoring my communications, or monitoring what I write here on CopBlock.org. I wanted to make sure they are all paying close attention to what I am about to say. I want to make sure they are all listening at the same time since they feel the need to monitor me for my activism.

This is the police state at work ladies and gentlemen. I am a law-abiding citizen for the most part. Except of course for my three felonies a day. You know, we all commit three felonies a day without ever even knowing it? I’m sure you read that book too. Being the 4th amendment violating fucks that you all know you are. I do not engage in harming people or their property in any way. In fact I go out of my way to help people who have been hurt or who’s property has been damaged by others. I pick up litter around my hood. I help old ladies cross the street for christ sakes!

So what is my crime that gets me on this watchlist? Speaking out against the police state and all the rights violations that the US government is guilty of and has been guilty of, for at least the past 100 years! My only crime is being vocal about a system that degrades and enslaves us. Because in this day and age, that in and of itself is a crime worthy of having my rights violated for. But I digress. I came to deliver a message to all you third-rate rent a thugs who can’t cut it without imposing your will on innocent people.

FUCK YOU! That is the message. Fuck your surveillance, fuck your spying program, Fuck your drones! Fuck the FBI, DEA, NSA, and any other three-letter organizations that think they have the right to pull this crap on peaceful activists! Fuck your stop and frisk programs, fuck your riot police. Fuck your anal violating plungers.  Your 137 bullets! Fuck your 6 cops beating a man to death with their bare hands! Shooting a 12-year-old on site after pulling up right next to him is NOT JUSTIFIED! Fuck your Patriot act with its draconian laws. Fuck the police, for enforcing your unjust laws. Fuck the Democrats and Republicans with your “man of the people”  bullshit rhetoric. Fist fucking every hard-working person for your own personal gain! And finally? Fuck your taxes. Cause funding criminal enterprises ain’t my business! You’re gonna watch me? I’m gonna watch you right back!

DEO’s short watchlist (Mine begins closer to home)

Calvin Williams-Cleveland Cheif of police
Tim McGinty-Cleveland Prosecutor
Cleveland Community police Commision
Parma police-ALL OF YOU!

And that is just the beginning of the list! Did you all get that?! Goodnight Everybody!

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Chuck U Farley

currently lives in Parma, OH where he started CopBlocking in 2012 after his arrest at police checkpoint. He's the founder of GreaterCleveland CopBlock, admin of OhioCopBlock, CopBlock.org Store manager and contributor. ____________________________________________________________________________ If you'd like to support DEO's work consider joining the CopBlock Network and/or the CopBlock.org Store. ____________________________________________________________________________ You can also keep up with DEO on Facebook and YouTube