Video shows police tasing a bloody, restrained Ajibade in the testicles before his death

This article updates the previous story on Matthew Ajibade’s death at the hands of police.

The involuntary manslaughter trial is currently underway for two former Chatham County Jail workers and a nurse. Deputy Jason Kenny, Deputy Maxine Evans, and Nurse Gregory Brown are charged with involuntary manslaughter in the murder of 21-year-old Matthew Ajibade.

During the trial, at least two videos have been shown in court showing the beatings and abuse that lead to Matthew Ajibade’s death at the hands of police.

Matthew Ajibade

The first video shows Ajibade being beaten, tasered, and kicked by police officers prior to being restrained.  The newest video shown at trail takes place after Ajibade has been restrained and stripped down to his underwear. It shows Ajibade, who is restrained and unable to defend himself against these murderers, battered and bleeding as he is repeatedly tasered in his testicles – again, while he is restrained!

The blood you see on Ajibade is the result of the psychotic deputies who delighted in the physical torture unleashed on Ajibade moments earlier. Though the video is shaky, Ajibade’s blood-curdling screams are unmistakable. Soon the video ends and Ajibade is left alone to die, murdered at the hands of police. Ajibade was found unresponsive almost two hours later, still strapped to the restraint chair in the cell and still wearing the spit mask they had placed over his face.

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Nine deputies in Georgia were fired over the death of a black inmate who had been placed in restraints, officials said. Pictured from top, left to right: Paul Folsome, Frederick Burke, Eric Vinson,Burt Ambrose, Andrew Evans-Martinez, bottom left to right, Jason Kenny, Maxine Evans, Christopher Reed, and Abram Burns are pictured.