Mississippi Guard Caught Trying to Smuggle Drugs Into Prison

Tyra Renita Woodard, a correctional officer in Leakesville Mississippi, was arrested last month trying to smuggle a virtual drug store into the prison where she worked. She was caught while trying to sneak the drugs past her co-workers by hiding them within her jacket and within a tray full of food she was carrying.

Via “WMCActionNews5.com” in Jackson, Mississippi:

Officials say she was discovered with 112 grams of spice and other contraband; some of it hidden in her breakfast tray.

29-year-old Tyra Renita Woodard of Millry, Alabama is being held in the Greene County Jail on a charge of possession of a controlled substance on prison grounds.

“Woodard was trying to introduce the spice in her jacket and a white substance in her breakfast food,” Corrections Investigation Division Director Sean K. Smith said. “In addition, 113 pills, including 71 Xanax, were found in her jacket,” he said.

Authorities are still investigating what Woodard intended to do with the contraband.

Woodward Spicy BreakfastPolice authorities’ “investigations” aren’t exactly known for their results when they are investigating their own, but it shouldn’t be terribly hard to figure out that she was smuggling the drugs into some inmate(s), in order for them to be sold to other inmates. I’m obviously not a fan of the War on (Some) Drugs and the fact they can’t even keep them out of their own prisons should be plenty of evidence for the futility of the whole live action whack a mole drill that it represents.

However, it is good to at least see them hold one of their own accountable for her badly executed actions. I’m sure the rest of the guards sneaking drugs into every single prison around the country (including the same one she got caught at) got a good laugh out of her inept attempt and learned a good lesson of what not to do at the same time. At least nobody’s dog got killed this time either.


Kelly W. Patterson

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