How to Starve the State – CBN Exclusive

“Starving the state” is an aspect of Cop Blocking that is not as direct as some of the other methods. While effective, interacting directly with police, filming them and exposing their misconduct is only a fraction of what it means to be a “Copblocker“. One very important aspect that is often overlooked is preventing police entirely. dirty-money

“Starving the state” is a concept in which an individual can use civil disobedience to effectively block the state from their bread and butter so to speak, extortion.

One of the reasons that police are able to justify militarization of their departments is by claiming that there is more of a demand for police. This dependency on government has left a vast percentage of society not knowing who their neighbors are, and in turn, leaving most entirely dependent on the state for protection and survival.

In this example, I flag a man down that has forgotten to turn on his headlights. By most, if not all state laws, it is mandatory to use headlights at night. This being an obvious safety concern, it still does not justify theft by the state by means of extortion for a crime in which there is no victim. I quickly informed him that his headlights were off, and without a moment’s notice, he turned them on and we both went about our way. No party was injured, no money was stolen, and he, myself and everyone on the road became a little bit safer. Not only was the man not fined, but he was able to avoid any interaction with police.

cloud-security-website-extortionWhy can’t cops do the same thing? Is it necessary to pull someone off to the side of the road, demand their identification, possibly search, detain and even arrest someone for a law so arbitrary?

Next time you see someone with their lights off, or a parking meter that is close to expired, or a person that is broken down on the side of the road, do your duty as a human being and starve the state. Eventually, it will become obvious that the state’s existence is obsolete and it’s survival is contingent on our dependency.

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Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.