Profiled by Road Pirates in Boone County Arkansas

This post was submitted by Antonio Deshawn Ausler, via the submissions page. It seems like from the description that this was a pretty typical case of Road Pirates hoping to generate some revenue. They generally prey on out of state drivers, partly because they know people are likely to be carrying cash that they can steal (without even charging them with a crime) and partly because they know people from another state are less likely to return and more likely to just pay whatever fine that the excuse they used to pull them over carries.

Antonio states:

I also have a hand signed letter from President Barack Obama and a letter from my senator in regards to my civil rights lawsuit. Before I filed it, I sent my evidence and complaint to the president. It took some effort, but he finally wrote me back and in his letter he told me to be persistent. He said that he will be fighting for people like me as long as he is in that office. All of my claims have already been proven from the top coming down. I look forward to seeing this posted.

Thank you,

Antonio Ausler


Date of Incident: September 2015
Location of Incident: Harrison, Arkansas
Departments Involved: Boone County Sheriff’s DepartmentArkansas State Police
Departments’ Phone Numbers: BCSD: (870) 741-8404 – ASP: (501) 618-8000


I was traveling from Conway Arkansas going to Springfield Missouri. About an hour before I got to Harrison Arkansas, I realized a car had been behind me for a while, but had not caught up to me. I started getting a feeling that I was being followed. So I started slowing down to a lower speed for a short amount of time and then going back to speed limit. I did this five to six times, but the car never caught up with me.

It might seem like I was being paranoid, but a little background I had just filed a complaint against my former attorney 2-3 months before, which is still under review at this moment. The issue with my former attorney came on around the same time. I had asked him to represent me in a $6 million 1983 civil rights lawsuit I was filing against the Board of Probation and Parole and the State. This case is in Federal Court and I am waiting for a answer on a prisoner pro se case from the Attorney General.

dwc banner-, back to the night in question. After realizing something was going on, I decided when I topped the next hill I would just quickly pull over to see what they do. As soon as I topped the hill and I could not see their lights, I quickly pulled off on a side road off of Highway 65. When they came over the hill they almost locked up their brakes, but it was too late and I was facing the road, so the vehicle took off.

When I pulled out behind them, I had every intention of getting their plate number but now the SUV was going 65-75 mph and I could not catch them. The faster I went, the faster they went. About 15 miles down the road, a state trooper came shooting up behind me. I could still see the SUV but I was nowhere near close enough to see the tags.

The state trooper followed me for three miles after I switched lanes twice to let him go by. I was then pulled over. When I asked the officer why I was pulled over, he said that I made an illegal turn when I pulled off to the side of the road to let that car go by. At first I was not sure what was going on, but I was fully aware of my surroundings and where I was at. I just told him the car behind me was flashing its lights, so I just pulled over to let the car go by.

While I was saying this the officer I noticed three police cars and a tow truck pull up behind his car. Three more police cars came from the front, but never pulled in front of my vehicle. The officer got me out of the car and made me do two field sobriety tests, which I passed. The officer told me that I’m going to jail for driving on a suspended license and for less than an ounce of weed that was in my pocket.

By the time the officer got me in the car there were maybe 7-8 police officers around my car. It was already being hooked up to the tow truck, only maybe 6-7 minutes into the stop. The officer that pulled me over was maybe 10-20 feet off to the right side of my car talking on his cell phone while the 7-8 officers that pulled up were in my car. When the officer came back and got in the car my car was already being pulled away and everyone was leaving the scene. This was at most maybe 10-12 minutes we were on the side of the road. This was a kidnapping.

banner-submitWhen the officer started talking, the first thing he said was, “I don’t know what the hell is going on.” At this moment, I felt like whatever was about to happen I had foiled it by pulling over and chasing that SUV. I then felt like it was okay to tell him that I knew I was being followed. He responded with, “What makes you think that?” I told him how I had slowed down and sped up and the way the SUV almost locked up its brakes coming over the hill and how after that the car would not go under 65mph, but would go as fast as it needed to for me not to catch it.

His next question let me know he had no idea what he might have just interrupted. Instead of trying to get me to talk about this case he wanted to know, ” why do you think someone would be following you?” I then informed the officer about my civil rights lawsuit and about the complaint against my former attorney.

By this time, we were pulling up to a building that to me did not look like a police station or any kind of jail and to this day I still don’t know were I was taken. The arresting officer and another officer took me in a small room and took my money out my pocket and started counting it. I had around $1200, all the money I had in this world, in my pocket. After counting my money the arresting officer had to go back to his car to see if I dropped some money out of my pocket in his back seat.

There was another officer in the room and he started asking me where I got the drugs and talking like I had a car full of drugs. I was then forced to take pictures and they claimed they found some more weed in my vehicle. As mad as I was and as hurt as I was I had to keep reminding myself where I was at. I have heard stories about black people going through this town and at this moment I am really not sure what is about to happen to me. So I agree yes sir, no sir whatever it takes to get one decent person on my side in this equation.

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There was a conversation after all this between the arresting officer and the other officer in the room in regards to who would transport me to the actual jail. The arresting officer informed the other officer in his own words, ” I am going to take him to the jail and this evidence is staying in my car until in the morning, cause I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

I was then taken by the arresting officer to the jail, but on the way to the jail all the officer wanted to talk about was my civil rights lawsuit. I told him what I could cause now I’m feeling like he just got caught up in something he was not supposed to have anything to do with.

When we arrived at the Boone County Jail, the officer first lit me a cigarette and let me smoke it in the back seat, I’m guessing cause he needed one, too. Then he told me, “Look I’m from Louisiana. I don’t know what these country motherfuckers be doing, but look have you heard about Harrison?” I said, “yes I have heard a little.” Then he said, “well they like beating up and tasing folks in here. So when you get in just be easy.” I said, “yes sir,” and he walked me in to what I thought would be my last day on earth.

He took me into a holding cell and told me, “look I don’t know what the hell is going on, but if you’re not charged or have a bond by 7:00pm tomorrow when I come on shift, I will be in here personally to make sure you get the hell out of here.” He then told me I was under investigation. So they could hold me for 72hrs before they charge me, but he assured me he would be in tomorrow at 7:00.

banner buy shiny badgesThat was the longest night of my life not knowing what was really going on, but knowing the same people that were following me could walk in this cell at any moment. I kept hitting the button in the cell asking does anyone know what I’m being charged with or why I’m under investigation? The only answer they could give me for almost 24hrs was, “we don’t know why you’re in here and we do not know why you’re under investigation. As soon as we find out we will let you know.

The next day at 7:00, the arresting officer walked in the door with bond papers. He came and opened my cell and gave me my papers and told me, “get the hell out of here.” It took until almost 2:00 in the morning to walk out them doors. I thought they were done, but one day I decided to look up name on the internet and I saw that I have a warrant in Harrison Arkansas.

I have already been to court and I have a trial date coming up soon for these charges. I called and spoke with the sheriff’s office, municipal and district courts. At first, no one had any information as to why I had a warrant or where it came from. Then I talked to a secretary, who told me a lot.

I was told that its common, matter of fact, it’s routine to allow a person to bond out and then put some other charges on them to issue a warrant. I was also informed that the night I was pulled over those other seven police cars and tow truck that showed up on the scene, within seconds of me being pulled over, were the drug task force. I recorded all of these conversations.

Why would the drug task force be at a traffic stop, why was I put under investigation, why was I pulled over 18 miles away from where a moving traffic violation occurred. This car was in my wife’s name and that was the “only reason” for the stop. Why did the arresting officer seem so confused about what’s really in play? Why would their secretary literally beg me to get an attorney because from her own paperwork this warrant I have now is from the same charges I have already been to court over? There has been a trail of evidence left behind by these illegal actions performed by the ones paid to protect and serve.

– Antonio Deshawn Ausler


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