Six Cops Shoot Robbery Suspect Dead in Parma Hts. Ohio – No Video Available

papa johns_1444941175632_25283953_ver1.0_640_480Micheal Brennan, 31 Years Old, was killed yesterday, when he attempted to rob a Papa John’s in Parma Heights. Brennan attempted to open the register and then brandished a firearm at the employees. The manager opened the register for him and Brennan fled with $89. Parma Heights police chased him onto interstate 480 where he crashed and exited the vehicle with the firearm. Six officers from Parma, Parma Heights and Brooklyn opened fire on Brennan killing him. Route 480 was shut down for several hours as a result.

Parma, Parma Heights, and Brooklyn are all part of a new regional dispatch program that allows all of them to communicate between departments. Unfortunately there is no body camera or dashcamera video of the chase or the shooting, so I guess we will just have to take the police word that Brennan threatened them with the gun. I hope the regional dispatch center was worth the trade off. I’m sure they could have all gotten cameras for the less money. It is highly possible that the story happened just like they said it did. Too bad all those bad apples make other theories possible as well. Especially when preliminary reports say the gun was a replica.

74032512_StillLocal news did a background check of Micheal Brennan and found only a few traffic tickets and minor violations on his record. So what makes a man with no criminal record decide to attempt a robbery, and then lead police on a chase that ended his life? Has Micheal not been living on this planet for 31 years? Did he not see the over 900 people that the police killed, for far lesser crimes,  this year alone? Did he think he would survive an encounter with police with a firearm in his hand? Maybe he wanted to die and didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger on himself so he let the police do it for him?

In any case we will never know, cause despite all the camera technology out there these days, None of the six officers who shot Micheal Brennan were equipped with any kind of recording devices. Nor did any of the god knows how many police cars that were there, have cameras. With out them, how do we know Brennan wasn’t simply running away from officers with a gun in his hand? Running away would not be threatening the officers would it? There doesn’t appear to be any Prol (proletarian) video of the incident either despite the highway being jammed for hours as a result of the chase and crash and gunshots.


Chuck U Farley

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