Two Chicago Cops Investigated For Sex Trafficking of 14-Year-Old Girl

To ‘Protect & Service‘ – That’s the motto of the Chicago Police Department. However, what these two officers are accused of, is almost unimaginable.

According to the police, the two (still unidentified) police officers were caught with child pornography on their computers. Internal Affairs then began an in-depth investigation which revealed more horrific details.

According to Fox 32 Chicago:

(Internal Affairs) uncovered additional evidence the officers had been using some online web pages to advertise the girl, or girls, for prostitution.

The two officers accused of sex-crimes have not been fired, even though police officials found child pornography in their possession. But rather, the cops have been reassigned to administrative duties.  At this stage of the investigation, police have reason to believe that there are other victims as well.

The Chicago Police Department is no stranger to allegations of its officers committing physical and sexual crimes against the public. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Chicago PD ran  a ‘black site’ where suspects/detainees were physically and sexually abused.