Right to Resist now law in Indiana, cops show how evil they think we are

Tuesday night Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed the Right to Resist bill into law and the policemen of the United States went completely apeshit. There’s really nowhere better to go to write this article than the hangout site for cops called PoliceOne.com. Alot of people I know have changed their opinions of police after reading what the officers say on that page.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said Wednesday that he shares police groups’ concerns that some people might misinterpret a new law that lays out when residents could be legally justified in using force against police officers.

Daniels said he thought carefully before signing the bill Tuesday night. The legislation was passed by strong majorities in the House and Senate in response to public uproar after the state Supreme Court ruled last year that residents couldn”t resist officers even during an illegal entry.

Obviously Mitch wants to please both sides in this debate, but let’s just take a look at what the police are saying.


I think you see the point, police really think people are that evil, that they will now just play real life Grand Theft Auto and start killing at will. Which begs the question, if people are really that inherently evil, why give so many of them the power of the badge over everyone else? It always appears to me that the worst of the worst are in gangs, whether it be Blood, Crypts, or Thin Blue Line.

But will people really just start killing at will? I can give you one fact, the law and/or a guy in a funny costume with a badge doesn’t stop me from killing someone. I don’t kill or use violence because I believe it is wrong morally. Even if murder were legal I wouldn’t kill anyone and most people wouldn’t either.

This whole clamor that people will just start killing cops for sport because this law was signed is complete bullshit. People are good, not evil, and it’s not just because of cops and laws. Just look at this study done by the Institute for Science of Complex Systems.

Fundamentally people behave in a social and rather compassionate and “good” way rather than aggressively, even without specified rules. That is the result of a study from the Institute for Science of Complex Systems at the MedUni Vienna under the leadership of Stefan Thurner and Michael Szell. They analysed the behaviour of more than 400,000 participants of the “Virtual Life” game “Pardus” on the Internet. The findings are that only two percent of all actions are aggressive, even though the game would make it easy for war-like attacks with spaceships, for example.

It takes alot of horrible circumstances to turn a person bad. Charles Manson was tormented growing up, the Unabomber was abused at a young age, John Wayne Gacy was beaten constantly by his alcoholic father and suffered serious head trauma. People are not born evil, they learn it or adopt it after a horrible circumstance warped their mind.

The report goes on to say

Millions of human interactions were assessed during the study which included actions such as communication, founding and ending friendships, trading goods, sleeping, moving, however also starting hostilities, attacks and punishment. The game does not suggest any rules and everyone can live with their avatar (i.e. with their “game character” in the ) as they choose. “And the result of this is not anarchy”, says Thurner. “The organise themselves as a social group with good intents. Almost all the actions are positive.”

The interactions were fed into an “alphabet” by the researchers, “similar to how the genetic code of DNA was decoded 15 years ago”, says Thurner. “From this we get a pattern which reflects how people tick”. However, there is quite a high potential for aggression: so, for example, if a negative action is inflicted, the probability that the player will subsequently also act aggressively shoots up more than tenfold, even to about 30 percent.

Thurner and his team were also able to present by means of the pattern that the whole game is a reflection of reality. “For example, we could adopt measured values one for one for communication networks. A further measurement is that almost no one has more than 150 friends, the so-called Dunbar’s number, regardless of whether in the real or the virtual world.” The study has now been published in the specialist journal PLoS One.

The long-term aim is to detect “phase transitions in societies” early on using these measurements and the behavioural patterns researched in the virtual world in order to be able to forecast group dynamic social processes and to be able to react in the event of these cases in good time. “It is possible, for example, that through certain conditions the aggression level, that has increased tenfold, remains extensively in place and therefore systemically for a longer time, which bears comparison with a drastic radicalisation in societies. Consequently, we could react to it in good time.” A current example for such a phase transition in society has been the relatively surprising “Arab Spring” with its many protests, uprisings and revolutions, which, as is well known, were targeted against the ruling totalitarian regimes in many countries.

All the claims that this new law, which took effect immediately, will lead to a bloodbath, is completely unfounded. Maybe the police are the ones pushing it, with all their drug war home invsasions in the middle of the night or early morning when people are sleeping. Alot of times people think they are being robbed when these raids happen and reach for their gun and point it at the officers and sometimes start shooting. And the response is always justified by the fact “They drew a weapon”

Human psychology and history shows no indication that violence against police will escalate because alot of people will always be afraid. But police and government history shows every indication that violence against citizens will always escalate.

Just remain vigilante, peaceful, and always stick up for your rights. Violence always begets violence, just remember that. Time to see now which side will be proven right, and I hope it’s our side, not the police.


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