How To Sue The Police For Free! 1983 Federal Suit

Far to many times the police will violate your rights in small ways. Finding a lawyer to take the case on is hard, unless you shell out $6000+ to start. And most times they say you will only get that much back. So what do you do? This guide will help you find the information you need as well as places that will help for free and even ways to have the filing fee dropped ($400).

To start find your local Federal Court House. My local one is the James T. Foley U.S. Courthouse 445 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207. You may remember the first time I visited and had the security guard go crazy. This time however was very easy other then I could not even bring my cell phone into the building. Make your way to the Court Clerk and ask for information on proceeding Pro Se. They will hand you a mountain of pamphlets and stapled books with all the forms you could need. The Court Clerk I had was very nice and even explained what forms were needed for a 1983 suit. Much of the information is the same for every State. Look here to find your local Federal Court.

The first book to read is the Pro Se Handbook. It is a 48 page book on how to get help with forms and many questions about the process. It also gives the names and phone numbers of lawyers who will assist you for free. As well as a pamphlet called The Pro Se Assistance Program. This will give you the phone number of lawyers who can advise you and help with the forms for free.

banner-square storeLastly The second packet you will get will have all of the forms. It will cover Civil Rights pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1983, Title VII, Age Discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Bivens action.

The Application To Proceed Without Payment of Fees. If you are not able to pay, the court can waive the fees.

This is just the start. I will be doing a video log of every step I take to proceed with a 1983 suit. I will have copies of all forms and even the hurdles I encounter. It will take months to complete but I hope this helps people stand up to the Police.

*Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and only can share what I have found through research. Please read the books provided by the court and speak to the lawyers they recommend.


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