CALL FLOOD Ademo Freeman Kidnapped and Caged in Kansas


Ademo Freeman (Adam Mueller) was bailed out of the Johnson County, KS Adult Detention Facility earlier today. Shortly before that happened, it was learned that the threat levied against him is a Misdemeanor B, not a felony as initially communicated by the two Shawnee, KS police employees involved in his kidnapping.

Thanks to everyone who made a call on Ademo’s behalf or who helped inform others about this incident. Stay in the know about this, and all MAC Tour happenings by viewing MAC Tour Recent Content.



Earlier today Ian Freeman posted at that Ademo Freeman had been kidnapped and caged. Ademo is being held at the Adult Detention Center in Johnson County, Kansas. He will appear in legaland (Johnson County Courthouse) on Monday, October 19th, 2015, at 1:30pm.

Please feel free to call his captors and those involved. Note that Ademo Freeman is likely listed on government paperwork as Adam Mueller (pronounced “Miller”).

Johnson County, KS Adult Detention Center (where Ademo is being held)
(913) 715-5100

Shawnee , KS Police Outfit (workplace of those who kidnapped Ademo)
(913) 631-2150

Noblesville, IN Police Outfit (workplace of those who confronted Ademo on Oct. 1)
(317) 776-6340

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, in Noblesville, IN (where the felony warrant originated from)
(317) 776-1588

Stay abreast of this ongoing situation and from Kansas City, KS Cop Block

Note that Ademo has long used chalk as a way to share ideas, going back at least four years to Manchester, NH where he and eight others were arrested for using children’s chalk at the police outfit there.

Ademo was in the Kansas City are as part of the Mobility Accountability for Cops (MAC) Tour.

The MAC Tour is a venture powered by the CopBlock Network to neutralize the police state and empower each of us to act according to the fact that badges don’t grant extra rights. Through meetups and copblocking nights in the Midwest, Mountain West, and West, crew members Ademo Freeman (CopBlock founder) and Brian Sumner (CopBlock contributor) are creating original content while simultaneously inspiring, training, and assisting others to do (or who are doing) the same.

Pete Eyre

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