Central Florida Intelligence Exchange Promote CopBlock.org

Back in November I blogged about the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center‘s release regarding a Larken Rose article, “When Should You Shoot A Cop” featured on CopBlock.org. It seems Arizona wasn’t the only state operated fusion center talking about the Larken’s post. Yesterday I received an email with a link to a document by the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX) from June 28th, 2011. I’ve posted it in it’s entirety below, see scrib.


I hope this doesn’t deter people, as the government might want it to, from filming government officials. IMO, I don’t care if the government wants to send pointless notices – I say pointless because CFIX even states there is no threat biased off Larken’s post – to every cop in the country. In fact, I appreciate them putting such great material in the inbox of every officer in their reach. After all, I don’t try to help just those abused by LEO’s via CopBlock, I also want to help LEO’s understand that their service can be better provided via the free market.

Keep sending those reports Fusion Centers, I appreciate the free PR.


Ademo Freeman

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