Zachary Hammond Shooting Video Released

Zachary Hammond is now another victim of the failed ‘war on drugs’, and the actions of Lt. Mark Tiller is a prime example of that failure. No amount of marijuana is worth the life of a young, teenage boy. In the newly released dash cam video, Seneca Police officer, Lt. Mark Tiller, can be seen running towards the car driven by Zachary Hammond. Why? He allegedly sold a few grams of marijuana to an undercover police officer.

Of course, Lt. Mark Tiller will not face any charges in Hammond’s murder, even though autopsy reports showed that Hammond was shot from behind, as backed up by the dash cam video. As is common in so many cases of police murdering innocent civilians, all Lt. Mark Tiller had to do was utter the magical words, “I was in fear for my life”. Despite having his gun drawn on the young man, who was driving away at an angle that could not have possibly hit the officer, Lt. Mark Tiller executed Hammond on the spot for the unforgivable crime of ‘contempt of cop’.

I think the murder of Zachary Hammond, and the prosecutor’s decision not to file charges against Lt. Mark Tiller, is a travesty of justice. Not only does the video show he was in NO immediate danger, there are numerous reports of the officer(s) planting evidence in Hammond’s car and even high-fiving his dead body. Lt. Mark Tiller and his costumed-coworkers hunted Hammond down and murdered him, like some kind of big-game trophy, and instead of mounting him on the wall, they took pictures diminishing the memory of a cherish, young teenage boy.

Since the beginning of this murder investigation, police officials have done everything in their power to stonewall the investigation. From refusing to release the officer’s name for months, to delaying the release of the dash cam video – all to buy time to get their ‘official stories’ straight to protect Lt. Mark Tiller and demonize Zachary Hammond.

Tenth Circuit Solicitor Chrissy Adams stated that:

After careful consideration of the facts of the case, a thorough review of the state investigation, and an extensive review of all applicable law, I have determined that no criminal charges should be filed against Lt. Mark Tiller at the state level … The evidence from this investigation corroborates and supports Lt. Tiller’s belief that he was going to be run over. Therefore, the only conclusion that can be rendered is that deadly force was justified.

Lt. Mark Tiller
Lt. Mark Tiller

Seneca City Administrator Greg Dietterick released the following statement:

The past three months have been extremely difficult for the residents of Seneca, its city employees and the 45 members of its police force. While the effects of outside agitators to tear apart our community lingers, we are thankful the investigation has come to an end and shows Lt. Tiller was acting in self-defense.

The night of July 26 was a tragic event for this community and I personally will always grieve for the Hammond family. I would like to thank the hard work of the local and state investigators who handled the cases expertly and professionally. I would like to thank Solicitor Adams, who suffered numerous personal attacks, for her diligence.

I thank Chief John Covington for his courage and strength during these trying times as he and his family have been repeatedly maligned.  I thank our Mayor and City Council for standing with us during this tragedy. It is now time to start healing Seneca.

You can click here to read the full press release by Chrissy Adams.

Here is the video in slow motion:

Here is a newly released dash cam video from a second officer, who arrive on scene seconds after the murder occurred: