Video Of Deo’s Arrest In Parma, OH on 7-29-15 Released (UPDATE)

This is the video of my arrest that I just got back from Parma police. I have been accused of rolling up on the scene and shouting profanities at the police. As you will notice, I do not utter a word of profanity until AFTER Sergeant Gillesie of the Parma Police Department, assaults me.

It happens around 1:45 in the video. You can see Sgt. Gillesie approach in a very aggressive manner and then assault me trying to knock my camera out of my hand. After his unsuccessful attempt to disarm me of my camera, this officer is assaulting me and at least five cops stand around watching. Then they have the gall to arrest me for being disorderly.

At the moment of arrest, Officer Khueler, badge #20, is Sgt. Gillesie’s co-conspirator in this unlawful arrest.  You may remember him from when Ademo and I caught him hiding behind a dentist’s office on Broadview Rd. in Parma. He pulled over a man in front of us and then told us not to harass the man he just pulled over. Officer Khueler started this whole situation, Sgt. Gillesie, unnecessarily escalated the situation for no reason to the point of assault and eventually arrest.

I had a F-ck the Police sticker from the store on my phone when they stole it, now it is missing, so one of them took it off while it was in their custody! So I ask you. After looking at this unedited video, do you think I belong in a cage or was Sgt. Gillesie the one who belonged in a cage? I get assaulted and then I am arrested for it. I ask the people of Parma and Ohio, is this the service you would pay for if they weren’t collecting the fee from behind a gun?

This video could have been titled, “Hero cop saves kid” but instead, because of police abuse of power, it’s gonna be, “Sgt. Gillesie assaulted DEO for no reason”. Say what you will about me, but forget for a minute that it is me. Pretend it is you. Would you expect to be arrested in this situation?

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Chuck U Farley

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